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[Groff] psatk.tmac

From: Bernd Warken
Subject: [Groff] psatk.tmac
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 22:53:42 +0100
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There is a strange file psatk.tmac.

Is it still necessary?
Is it internal or a user tmac?
Could it go into or be included by ps.tmac?

It contains the following comment:

  .\" Implementation of the ATK PB and PE macros for use with groff
  .\" and grops.
  .\" Load this after atk.tmac.

1) There isn't any atk.tmac.
2) grops(1) documents PB as a font, but doesn't say anything about
   macros PB/PE.

Bernd Warken

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