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Re: [Groff] color support in grotty

From: Doug Royer
Subject: Re: [Groff] color support in grotty
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 17:46:12 -0700

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Finally, here it is!
> I've finished color support in grotty and committed it to the CVS.
> SGR escape sequences will be the new default.  At the same time, I've
> added two new options to nroff.

I did a CVS update, re-built, installed, and when I run the new
binaries - NO CHANGE. (Redhat 7.2).

Now I can't say I follow everying on this list. But
I did not see any specific instructions. I do not get
color - is there some command line switch I have to give
to make it color man pages like the others on this list
say they have seen?

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