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[Groff] new requests .ds1, .as1, and .ami

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] new requests .ds1, .as1, and .ami
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 23:48:40 +0100 (CET)

[For reasons not known to me yet, some mails are not delivered to this
 list.  Interestingly, this only affects the host (both the
 groff and the cjk mailing lists which I'm subscribed to).  I assume
 an interference between my provider's mail program and the mailing
 list software -- I'll try to repost the messages.]

Dear friends,

to properly support Sun's mm macros with GNU eqn, it was necessary to
add two new requests: .ds1 and .as1 which are similar to .ds and .as
but expand in compatibility mode.

The problem was that string register `10', defined and used by eqn
internally, is directly accessed by Sun's mm macros, causing problems
with long names.

Additionally, I've added the .ami request (append to macro
indirectly).  Using this, trace.tmac can trace calls to .am also.
Finally, trace.tmac now supports compatibility mode.



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