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[Groff] Sun OS 5.6 / Groff 1.14

From: Jude Gabaldon
Subject: [Groff] Sun OS 5.6 / Groff 1.14
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 17:58:59 -0600 (MDT)

I started out having problems with groff not printing PS pictures with the
.PSPIC pic.epsi on Sun OS 5.6.  So I figured I would upgrade to a newer
version of groff (version 1.14).  The old version is in /usr/local/bin/
and the new version is in /usr/local/groff-1.4/bin/.  When I call groff
with the whole path to the new binary I still have the same problem.  So I
now have a question.

1.  How do I specify the new path to the macro packages?

I have tried to export the GROFF_TMAC_PATH to no avail.  Is there
something obvious that I am missing?

Jude Gabaldon

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