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Re: [Groff] Is there a Groff HOWTO?

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] Is there a Groff HOWTO?
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 23:40:33 GMT

> For potential new users (I'm imagining a burgeoning Linux
> community), a HOWTO to get them started would be very desirable.
> The MAN pages are excellent, but some easy to follow examples might
> 'kick-start' new users in out direction.

The problem with groff's man pages is that only extensions are
documented, not the original troff's commands.

Trent Fisher has contributed a rudimentary groff.texinfo file (which
is now part of the groff distribution, as you may have already seen),
which I plan to gradually finish so that all aspects of groff and its
auxiliary programs are covered.

> The various postscript documents at W. Richard Stevens' Home Page:
>, cover most everything of course, and
> perhaps they are all that is needed.  In fact, if they are not being
> included with the groff release, perhaps they should be.

I doubt that this will be possible due to copyright issues, but I'll
add a pointer to that location in one of the groff's documentation

Eddie, I believe that a link to

is a must for the groff web page, isn't it?

Thanks a lot for pointing out this place!

> If there is a HOWTO, and I don't know about it (quite possible),
> please advise and I'll find something else to do.  If there isn't,
> I'm willing to put some time into it (hopefully with some
> contributions from others) so as to create one.

You are very welcome to do so!  Topics like `How can I do Cyrillic
with groff', or `Where can I get Windows binaries of groff' should
definitely be covered.  I also invite you to improve groff's texinfo
file :-)


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