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[Groff] Re: Progress reports on groff-current

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: Progress reports on groff-current
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 16:10:23 GMT

> extern __const char *__const sys_errlist[];
> The problem is that libgroff/strerror.c does this:
> extern int sys_nerr;
> extern char *sys_errlist[];
> Declarations like those two lines are system-specific, and should be
> expected to be supplied by <errno.h>.  If there are systems which
> lack them, configure should check for that lack, and supply a
> workaround.

Hehe.  I've just looked into the sources of emacs, and even there the
above approach is used.  Seems that even emacs won't compile out of
the box on Rhapsody...

What a strange system which doesn't provide the strerror function!

What workaround do you suggest?  Do you by chance have a autoconf code
snippet which handles this gracefully?

> No GNU program should ever default to prefix=/usr; leave it to the
> UNIX vendors who install GNUware to do that.  End users should
> always see the GNU standard prefix=/usr/local.

I don't know the reasons, but James Clark has decided to search for an
installed groff, replacing the old version with the new one.  I think
we should now abandon this behaviour in favor of following the GNU
guidelines (using /usr/local by default).


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