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[Groff] grohtml

From: Lester Ingber
Subject: [Groff] grohtml
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 11:15:07 -0600
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I appreciate your efforts in maintaining and modernizing groff.

I'm using GNU troff version 1.12beta on a Sun Ultra10 under Solaris 5.8.

I attach a tar'd directory of files produced using
  groff -wall -R -s -e -t -mgs -Thtml -P -Igif
The PostScript version using
  groff -wall -R -s -e -t -mgs
looks just fine.

Under a browser like netscape or iexplorer you can see how the text fonts
get messed up between the .gifs?  Is there anyway I can correct this?



 Lester Ingber   <address@hidden>
 PO Box 06440    Wacker Dr PO Sears Tower    Chicago IL  60606-0440

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