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Re: [Groff] improved (ignore my diffs from last week)

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] improved (ignore my diffs from last week)
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 14:17:37 GMT

> Here is the latest diffs and macro changes.

Thanks!  I'll apply your patches as soon as I have stable internet
access again.

> I believe that it produces much better html IMHO


> and I think that your test case works now.

Not always.  There are a lot of subtle bugs in it (and some of them
are not so subtle) -- attached you can find the man page I use for
testing (I don't know whether you have it or not).  My test call was

  zcat /usr/man/man1/man.1.gz | groff -Thtml -man -t > man.html

Some problems I've encountered so far:

  . In the SYNOPSIS section, only the first paragraph is OK.  The
    others have wrong indentation and incorrect line breaks.

  . There are still many incorrect hyphenations (like `avai-lable' in
    the first paragraph of the DESCRIPTION section).

  . In the EXAMPLES section, the example descriptions should be
    indented.  There are a lot of incorrect line breaks...  The last
    paragraph of this section is completely wrong.

  . The DEFAULTS section is strange.  First of all, the word
    `DEFAULTS' is typeset with a bold small font, and the rest is
    printed in bold face.

  . In the OPTIONS section, I would prefer that there is no empty line
    if the tag is longer than the indentation of the description
    (similar to the ascii output).  Again, some paragraphs are typeset
    incorrectly in bold face, missing indentation.

  . In the description of the `-r' option, there is a blank line in
    the middle of a paragraph.

  . In the ENVIRONMENT section, you can see very clearly the problems
    with incorrect indentation.

  . The HISTORY section even mixes up sentence fragments!  It has also
    bad interword spaces.

  Good luck in fixing this :-)


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