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[groff] 40/48: [tmac]: Add Spanish language support (1/5).

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [groff] 40/48: [tmac]: Add Spanish language support (1/5).
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2023 08:33:13 -0400 (EDT)

gbranden pushed a commit to branch branden-2023-03-31
in repository groff.

commit 4d086da7e189e290d761c9f6904519d7869d9bfe
Author: Eloi Montañés <>
AuthorDate: Mon Mar 13 12:03:02 2023 +0100

    [tmac]: Add Spanish language support (1/5).
    * tmac/ Add hyphenation patterns (encoded in Latin-9).
    * tmac/es.tmac: Add groff locale for Spanish.
    * tmac/ (TMACNORMALFILES): Ship new files.
    * doc/groff.texi (Manipulating Hyphenation): Add file/package index
      entry for "es.tmac".
    * LICENSES: Update for CTAN Spanish hyphenation patterns.
 ChangeLog      |   11 +
 LICENSES       |   12 +
 doc/groff.texi |    1 +
 tmac/es.tmac   |  205 ++++++
 tmac/ | 2175 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 tmac/   |    2 +
 6 files changed, 2406 insertions(+)

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index c3f7ff171..2102843ea 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,14 @@
+2023-03-13  Eloi Montañés <>
+       [tmac]: Add Spanish language support (1/5).
+       * tmac/ Add hyphenation patterns (encoded in Latin-9).
+       * tmac/es.tmac: Add groff locale for Spanish.
+       * tmac/ (TMACNORMALFILES): Ship new files.
+       * doc/groff.texi (Manipulating Hyphenation): Add file/package
+         index entry for "es.tmac".
+       * LICENSES: Update for CTAN Spanish hyphenation patterns.
 2023-03-09  G. Branden Robinson <>
        [tests]: Add Russian language support (7/7).
diff --git a/LICENSES b/LICENSES
index 504a817a2..9c12ee195 100644
@@ -156,6 +156,18 @@ TeX-related projects.
   are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
   notice and this notice are preserved.
+* "tmac/" is renamed from "hyph-es.tex", obtained from
+  <
+   673f7b33e664b141432ba6d78d2caa686ea5317f/hyph-utf8/tex/generic/
+   hyph-utf8/patterns/tex/hyph-es.tex>
+  Copyright (C) 1993, 1997 Javier Bezos, 2001-2019 Javier Bezos,
+  CervanTeX
+  Licensed under the MIT license. Full license text available from
 * "tmac/" is renamed from "frhyph.tex", obtained from
diff --git a/doc/groff.texi b/doc/groff.texi
index 8bb46544a..42ad748ba 100644
--- a/doc/groff.texi
+++ b/doc/groff.texi
@@ -8657,6 +8657,7 @@ be used.  By default, every code maps to itself except 
those for letters
 @pindex cs.tmac
 @pindex de.tmac
 @pindex en.tmac
+@pindex es.tmac
 @pindex fr.tmac
 @pindex it.tmac
 @pindex ja.tmac
diff --git a/tmac/es.tmac b/tmac/es.tmac
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..b5eb7fc42
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tmac/es.tmac
@@ -0,0 +1,205 @@
+.\" Spanish localization for groff
+.\" Copyright (C) 2023 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+.\"   Written by Eloi Monta��s (
+.\" This file is part of groff.
+.\" groff is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
+.\" under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+.\" the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
+.\" (at your option) any later version.
+.\" groff is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
+.\" ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
+.\" or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public
+.\" License for more details.
+.\" You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+.\" along with this program.  If not, see
+.\" <>.
+.\" Please send comments to
+. nr *groff_es_tmac_C \n[.cp]
+.cp 0
+.\" If changing from an existing locale, we need to preserve the state
+.\" of the "suppress hyphenation before a page location trap" bit. locale*use-trap-hyphenation-mode 0
+.if d locale \
+.  if \n[.hy]=\n[\*[locale]*hyphenation-mode-trap] \
+.    nr locale*use-trap-hyphenation-mode 1
+.ds locale spanish\"
+.\" Predefined text translations
+.ds \*[locale]-abstract SINOPSIS\"
+.ds \*[locale]-app ANEXO\"
+.ds \*[locale]-appendix_string Anexo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-april Abril\"
+.ds \*[locale]-attribute_string por\"
+.ds \*[locale]-august Agosto\"
+.ds \*[locale]-chapter_string Cap\[' i]tulo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-december Diciembre\"
+.ds \*[locale]-draft_string Borrador\"
+.ds \*[locale]-endnote_string NOTAS\"
+.ds \*[locale]-february Febrero\"
+.ds \*[locale]-finis_string FIN\"
+.ds \*[locale]-friday Viernes\"
+.ds \*[locale]-january Enero\"
+.ds \*[locale]-july Julio\"
+.ds \*[locale]-june Junio\"
+.ds \*[locale]-le LISTA DE ECUACIONES\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letapp LE\[' I]DO Y APROVADO\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letat A LA ATENCI\[' O]N DE:\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letcn CONFIDENCIAL\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letdate Fecha\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letfc Por favor acepte, Excelencia, mis mejores saludos.\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!0 Copia a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!1 Copia (con destinatario) a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!10 Copia (con destinatarios) a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!11 Copia (sin destinatarios) a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!12 Resumen solo para\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!13 Memor\[' a]ndum completo para\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!14 Cc:\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!2 Copia (sin destinatario) a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!3 Destinatairo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!4 Destinatairos\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!5 Adjunto\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!6 Adjuntos\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!7 Bajo cubierta separada\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!8 Carta a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!9 Memor\[' a]ndum para\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!copy Copia \" (falta un espacio)\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letns!to " a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letrn En referencia a:\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letsa A quien corresponda:\"
+.ds \*[locale]-letsj SUJETO:\"
+.ds \*[locale]-lf LISTA DE ILUSTRACIONES\"
+.ds \*[locale]-licon RESUMEN\"
+.ds \*[locale]-liec Ecuaci\[' o]n\"
+.ds \*[locale]-liex Documento\"
+.ds \*[locale]-lifg Ilustrati\[' o]n\"
+.ds \*[locale]-litb Tabla\"
+.ds \*[locale]-lt LISTA DE TABLAS\"
+.ds \*[locale]-lx LISTA DE DOCUMENTOS\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section1 Manual de commandos\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section2 Manual de llamadas del sistema\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section3 Manual de funciones de la liberia\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section4 Manual de interficies del kernel\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section5 Manual de formatos de ficheros\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section6 Manual de juegos\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section7 Manual de informaciones diversas\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section8 Manual para administradores de sistemas\"
+.ds \*[locale]-man-section9 Manual para desarrolladores del kernel\"
+.ds \*[locale]-march Marzo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-may Mayo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-monday Lunes\"
+.ds \*[locale]-november Noviembre\"
+.ds \*[locale]-october Octubre\"
+.ds \*[locale]-paper A4\"
+.ds \*[locale]-qrf Ver chap\[' i]tulo \\*[Qrfh], p\[' a]gina \\*[Qrfp].\"
+.ds \*[locale]-references Bibliograf\[' i]a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-revision_string Rev.\"
+.ds \*[locale]-rp BIBLIOGRAF\[' i]a\"
+.ds \*[locale]-saturday S\[' a]bado\"
+.ds \*[locale]-september Septiembre\"
+.ds \*[locale]-sunday Domingo\"
+.ds \*[locale]-thursday Jueves\"
+.ds \*[locale]-toc \[u00CD]ndice\"
+.ds \*[locale]-toc_header_string \[' I]ndice\"
+.ds \*[locale]-tuesday Martes\"
+.ds \*[locale]-wednesday Miercoles\"
+.\" Activate the translations
+.mso trans.tmac
+.\" ms package
+.if r GS \{\
+.      \" update the date
+.      ds DY \n[dy] de \*[MO] de \n[year]
+.      \" set hyphenation flags
+.      nr HY 6
+.\" mm package
+.if d PH \{\
+.      \" update the date with the new strings
+.      ds cov*new-date \\n[dy] de \\*[MO\\n[mo]] de \\n[year]
+.      \" ISODATE and DT update
+.      de ISODATE
+.            nr cov*mm \\n[mo]
+.            nr cov*dd \\n[dy]
+.            af cov*mm 01
+.            af cov*dd 01
+.            ie '0'\\$1' \
+.                    ds cov*new-date \\n[dy] de \\*[MO\\n[mo]] de \\n[year]
+.            el \
+.                    ds cov*new-date \\n[year]-\\n[cov*mm]-\\n[cov*dd]
+.      .
+.      als DT cov*new-date
+.\" Default encoding
+.mso latin9.tmac
+. 12 0
+.\" Set up hyphenation.
+.\" Spanish hyphenation (\lefthyphenmin=2, \righthyphenmin=2) \*[locale]*hyphenation-mode-base 1 \*[locale]*hyphenation-mode-trap 6
+. \n[locale*use-trap-hyphenation-mode] \
+.  hy \n[\*[locale]*hyphenation-mode-trap]
+.el \
+.  hy \n[\*[locale]*hyphenation-mode-base]
+.rr locale*use-trap-hyphenation-mode
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hcode � �  � �
+.hla es
+.\" man package
+.if d an \
+.      an*reset-hyphenation-mode
+.\" me package
+.if d @R \{\
+.      ds _td_format \En(dy de \E*(mo de \En(y4
+.      ld
+.cp \n[*groff_es_tmac_C] rr *groff_es_tmac_C
+.\" Local Variables:
+.\" mode: nroff
+.\" coding: latin-9
+.\" fill-column: 72
+.\" End:
+.\" vim: set fileencoding=iso-8859-15 filetype=groff textwidth=72:
diff --git a/tmac/ b/tmac/
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..943841424
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tmac/
@@ -0,0 +1,2175 @@
+% copyright: Copyright (C) 1993, 1997 Javier Bezos, 2001-2019 Javier Bezos, 
+% title: Hyphenation patterns for Spanish
+% notice: This file is part of the hyph-utf8 package.
+%     See for more information.
+% language:
+%     name: Spanish
+%     tag: es
+% version: 5.0 2019-09-24
+% authors:
+%   -
+%     name: Javier Bezos
+% licence:
+%     name: MIT/X11
+%     url:
+%     text: >
+%         Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person 
obtaining a copy
+%         of this software and associated documentation files (the 
"Software"), to deal
+%         in the Software without restriction, including without limitation 
the rights
+%         to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or 
+%         copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
+%         furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
+%         The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be 
included in
+%         all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
+%         SOFTWARE.
+% hyphenmins:
+%     typesetting:
+%         left: 2
+%         right: 2
+% texlive:
+%     synonyms:
+%         - espanol
+%     encoding: ec
+%     babelname: spanish
+%     legacy_patterns: eshyph.tex
+%     message: Spanish hyphenation patterns
+%     description: Hyphenation patterns for Spanish in T1/EC and UTF-8 
+% ==========================================
+% For further info, bug reports and comments:
+% I would like to thanks Francesc Carmona for his permission
+% to steal parts of his work without restrictions. For his
+% patterns, (c) by Francesc Carmona
+% _____________________________________________________________
+% Javier Bezos                |
+% .............................................................
+% TeX y tipografia            |
+1b 4b. .b2 2bb 2bc 2bd 2bf 2bg 2bh 2bj 2bk     2bm 2bn 2bp 2bq     2bs 2bt 2bv 
2bw 2bx 2by 2bz
+1c 4c. .c2 2cb 2cc 2cd 2cf 2cg     2cj 2ck     2cm 2cn 2cp 2cq     2cs 2ct 2cv 
2cw 2cx 2cy 2cz
+1d 4d. .d2 2db 2dc 2dd 2df 2dg 2dh 2dj 2dk 2dl 2dm 2dn 2dp 2dq     2ds 2dt 2dv 
2dw 2dx 2dy 2dz
+1f 4f. .f2 2fb 2fc 2fd 2ff 2fg 2fh 2fj 2fk     2fm 2fn 2fp 2fq     2fs 2ft 2fv 
2fw 2fx 2fy 2fz
+1g 4g. .g2 2gb 2gc 2gd 2gf 2gg 2gh 2gj 2gk     2gm 2gn 2gp 2gq     2gs 2gt 2gv 
2gw 2gx 2gy 2gz
+   4h. 2hb 2hc 2hd 2hf 2hg 2hh 2hj 2hk 2hl 2hm 2hn 2hp 2hq 2hr 2hs 2ht 2hv 2hw 
2hx 2hy 2hz
+1j 4j. .j2 2jb 2jc 2jd 2jf 2jg 2jh 2jj 2jk 2jl 2jm 2jn 2jp 2jq 2jr 2js 2jt 2jv 
2jw 2jx 2jy 2jz
+1k 4k. .k2 2kb 2kc 2kd 2kf 2kg 2kh 2kj 2kk     2km 2kn 2kp 2kq     2ks 2kt 2kv 
2kw 2kx 2ky 2kz
+1l 4l. .l2 2lb 2lc 2ld 2lf 2lg 2lh 2lj 2lk     2lm 2ln 2lp 2lq 2lr 2ls 2lt 2lv 
2lw 2lx 2ly 2lz
+1m 4m. .m2 2mb 2mc 2md 2mf 2mg 2mh 2mj 2mk 2ml 2mm 2mn 2mp 2mq 2mr 2ms 2mt 2mv 
2mw 2mx 2my 2mz
+1n 4n. .n2 2nb 2nc 2nd 2nf 2ng 2nh 2nj 2nk 2nl 2nm 2nn 2np 2nq 2nr 2ns 2nt 2nv 
2nw 2nx 2ny 2nz
+1p 4p. .p2 2pb 2pc 2pd 2pf 2pg 2ph 2pj 2pk     2pm 2pn 2pp 2pq     2ps 2pt 2pv 
2pw 2px 2py 2pz
+1q 4q. .q2 2qb 2qc 2qd 2qf 2qg 2qh 2qj 2qk 2ql 2qm 2qn 2qp 2qq 2qr 2qs 2qt 2qv 
2qw 2qx 2qy 2qz
+1r 4r. .r2 2rb 2rc 2rd 2rf 2rg 2rh 2rj 2rk 2rl 2rm 2rn 2rp 2rq     2rs 2rt 2rv 
2rw 2rx 2ry 2rz
+1s 4s. .s2 2sb 2sc 2sd 2sf 2sg 2sh 2sj 2sk 2sl 2sm 2sn 2sp 2sq 2sr 2ss 2st 2sv 
2sw 2sx 2sy 2sz
+1t 4t. .t2 2tb 2tc 2td 2tf 2tg 2th 2tj 2tk     2tm 2tn 2tp 2tq         2tt 2tv 
2tw     2ty
+1v 4v. .v2 2vb 2vc 2vd 2vf 2vg 2vh 2vj 2vk     2vm 2vn 2vp 2vq     2vs 2vt 2vv 
2vw 2vx 2vy 2vz
+1w 4w. .w2 2wb 2wc 2wd 2wf 2wg 2wh 2wj 2wk 2wl 2wm 2wn 2wp 2wq 2wr 2ws 2wt 2wv 
2ww 2wx 2wy 2wz
+1x 4x. .x2 2xb 2xc 2xd 2xf 2xg 2xh 2xj 2xk 2xl 2xm 2xn 2xp 2xq 2xr 2xs 2xt 2xv 
2xw 2xx 2xy 2xz
+1y 4y. .y2 2yb 2yc 2yd 2yf 2yg 2yh 2yj 2yk 2yl 2ym 2yn 2yp 2yq 2yr 2ys 2yt 2yv 
2yw 2yx 2yy 2yz
+1z 4z. .z2 2zb 2zc 2zd 2zf 2zg 2zh 2zj 2zk 2zl 2zm 2zn 2zp 2zq 2zr 2zs 2zt 2zv 
2zw 2zx 2zy 2zz
+1ñ 4ñ.
+c4h 4ch. 2chb 2chc 2chd 2chf 2chg 2chh 2chj 2chk ch2l 2chm 2chn 2chp 2chq ch2r 
2chs 2cht 2chv 2chw 2chx 2chy 2chz
+l4l 4ll. 2llb 2llc 2lld 2llf 2llg 2llh 2llj 2llk 2lll 2llm 2lln 2llp 2llq 2llr 
2lls 2llt 2llv 2llw 2llx 2lly 2llz
+b2l 4bl. 2bl2b 2bl2c 2bl2d 2bl2f 2bl2g 2bl2h 2bl2j 2bl2k 2bl2l 2bl2m 2bl2n 
2bl2p 2bl2q 2bl2r 2bl2s 2bl2t 2bl2v 2bl2w 2bl2x 2bl2y 2bl2z
+c2l 4cl. 2cl2b 2cl2c 2cl2d 2cl2f 2cl2g 2cl2h 2cl2j 2cl2k 2cl2l 2cl2m 2cl2n 
2cl2p 2cl2q 2cl2r 2cl2s 2cl2t 2cl2v 2cl2w 2cl2x 2cl2y 2cl2z
+f2l 4fl. 2fl2b 2fl2c 2fl2d 2fl2f 2fl2g 2fl2h 2fl2j 2fl2k 2fl2l 2fl2m 2fl2n 
2fl2p 2fl2q 2fl2r 2fl2s 2fl2t 2fl2v 2fl2w 2fl2x 2fl2y 2fl2z
+g2l 4gl. 2gl2b 2gl2c 2gl2d 2gl2f 2gl2g 2gl2h 2gl2j 2gl2k 2gl2l 2gl2m 2gl2n 
2gl2p 2gl2q 2gl2r 2gl2s 2gl2t 2gl2v 2gl2w 2gl2x 2gl2y 2gl2z
+k2l 4kl. 2kl2b 2kl2c 2kl2d 2kl2f 2kl2g 2kl2h 2kl2j 2kl2k 2kl2l 2kl2m 2kl2n 
2kl2p 2kl2q 2kl2r 2kl2s 2kl2t 2kl2v 2kl2w 2kl2x 2kl2y 2kl2z
+p2l 4pl. 2pl2b 2pl2c 2pl2d 2pl2f 2pl2g 2pl2h 2pl2j 2pl2k 2pl2l 2pl2m 2pl2n 
2pl2p 2pl2q 2pl2r 2pl2s 2pl2t 2pl2v 2pl2w 2pl2x 2pl2y 2pl2z
+v2l 4vl. 2vl2b 2vl2c 2vl2d 2vl2f 2vl2g 2vl2h 2vl2j 2vl2k 2vl2l 2vl2m 2vl2n 
2vl2p 2vl2q 2vl2r 2vl2s 2vl2t 2vl2v 2vl2w 2vl2x 2vl2y 2vl2z
+b2r 4br. 2br2b 2br2c 2br2d 2br2f 2br2g 2br2h 2br2j 2br2k 2br2l 2br2m 2br2n 
2br2p 2br2q 2br2r 2br2s 2br2t 2br2v 2br2w 2br2x 2br2y 2br2z
+c2r 4cr. 2cr2b 2cr2c 2cr2d 2cr2f 2cr2g 2cr2h 2cr2j 2cr2k 2cr2l 2cr2m 2cr2n 
2cr2p 2cr2q 2cr2r 2cr2s 2cr2t 2cr2v 2cr2w 2cr2x 2cr2y 2cr2z
+d2r 4dr. 2dr2b 2dr2c 2dr2d 2dr2f 2dr2g 2dr2h 2dr2j 2dr2k 2dr2l 2dr2m 2dr2n 
2dr2p 2dr2q 2dr2r 2dr2s 2dr2t 2dr2v 2dr2w 2dr2x 2dr2y 2dr2z
+f2r 4fr. 2fr2b 2fr2c 2fr2d 2fr2f 2fr2g 2fr2h 2fr2j 2fr2k 2fr2l 2fr2m 2fr2n 
2fr2p 2fr2q 2fr2r 2fr2s 2fr2t 2fr2v 2fr2w 2fr2x 2fr2y 2fr2z
+g2r 4gr. 2gr2b 2gr2c 2gr2d 2gr2f 2gr2g 2gr2h 2gr2j 2gr2k 2gr2l 2gr2m 2gr2n 
2gr2p 2gr2q 2gr2r 2gr2s 2gr2t 2gr2v 2gr2w 2gr2x 2gr2y 2gr2z
+k2r 4kr. 2kr2b 2kr2c 2kr2d 2kr2f 2kr2g 2kr2h 2kr2j 2kr2k 2kr2l 2kr2m 2kr2n 
2kr2p 2kr2q 2kr2r 2kr2s 2kr2t 2kr2v 2kr2w 2kr2x 2kr2y 2kr2z
+p2r 4pr. 2pr2b 2pr2c 2pr2d 2pr2f 2pr2g 2pr2h 2pr2j 2pr2k 2pr2l 2pr2m 2pr2n 
2pr2p 2pr2q 2pr2r 2pr2s 2pr2t 2pr2v 2pr2w 2pr2x 2pr2y 2pr2z
+r2r 4rr. 2rr2b 2rr2c 2rr2d 2rr2f 2rr2g 2rr2h 2rr2j 2rr2k 2rr2l 2rr2m 2rr2n 
2rr2p 2rr2q 2rr2r 2rr2s 2rr2t 2rr2v 2rr2w 2rr2x 2rr2y 2rr2z
+t2r 4tr. 2tr2b 2tr2c 2tr2d 2tr2f 2tr2g 2tr2h 2tr2j 2tr2k 2tr2l 2tr2m 2tr2n 
2tr2p 2tr2q 2tr2r 2tr2s 2tr2t 2tr2v 2tr2w 2tr2x 2tr2y 2tr2z
+v2r 4vr. 2vr2b 2vr2c 2vr2d 2vr2f 2vr2g 2vr2h 2vr2j 2vr2k 2vr2l 2vr2m 2vr2n 
2vr2p 2vr2q 2vr2r 2vr2s 2vr2t 2vr2v 2vr2w 2vr2x 2vr2y 2vr2z
+2b3p2t 2c3p2t 2d3p2t 2l3p2t 2m3p2t 2n3p2t 2r3p2t 2s3p2t 2t3p2t 2x3p2t 2y3p2t 
+2b3c2t 2c3c2t 2d3c2t 2l3c2t 2m3c2t 2n3c2t 2r3c2t 2s3c2t 2t3c2t 2x3c2t 2y3c2t 
+2b3c2n 2c3c2n 2d3c2n 2l3c2n 2m3c2n 2n3c2n 2r3c2n 2s3c2n 2t3c2n 2x3c2n 2y3c2n 
+2b3p2s 2c3p2s 2d3p2s 2l3p2s 2m3p2s 2n3p2s 2r3p2s 2s3p2s 2t3p2s 2x3p2s 2y3p2s 
+2b3m2n 2c3m2n 2d3m2n 2l3m2n 2m3m2n 2n3m2n 2r3m2n 2s3m2n 2t3m2n 2x3m2n 2y3m2n 
+2b3g2n 2c3g2n 2d3g2n 2l3g2n 2m3g2n 2n3g2n 2r3g2n 2s3g2n 2t3g2n 2x3g2n 2y3g2n 
+2b3f2t 2c3f2t 2d3f2t 2l3f2t 2m3f2t 2n3f2t 2r3f2t 2s3f2t 2t3f2t 2x3f2t 2y3f2t 
+2b3p2n 2c3p2n 2d3p2n 2l3p2n 2m3p2n 2n3p2n 2r3p2n 2s3p2n 2t3p2n 2x3p2n 2y3p2n 
+2b3c2z 2c3c2z 2d3c2z 2l3c2z 2m3c2z 2n3c2z 2r3c2z 2s3c2z 2t3c2z 2x3c2z 2y3c2z 
+2b3t2z 2c3t2z 2d3t2z 2l3t2z 2m3t2z 2n3t2z 2r3t2z 2s3t2z 2t3t2z 2x3t2z 2y3t2z 
+2b3t2s 2c3t2s 2d3t2s 2l3t2s 2m3t2s 2n3t2s 2r3t2s 2s3t2s 2t3t2s 2x3t2s 2y3t2s 
+.abre1a2 .abre1e2 .abre1i2 .abre1o2 .abre1u2
+.abre1á2 .abre1é2 .abre1í2 .abre1ó2 .abre1ú2
+.acro1a2 .acro1e2 .acro1i2 .acro1o2 .acro1u2
+.acro1á2 .acro1é2 .acro1í2 .acro1ó2 .acro1ú2
+acto1a2 acto1e2 acto1i2 acto1o2 acto1u2
+acto1á2 acto1é2 acto1í2 acto1ó2 acto1ú2
+adeno1a2 adeno1e2 adeno1i2 adeno1o2 adeno1u2
+adeno1á2 adeno1é2 adeno1í2 adeno1ó2 adeno1ú2
+aero1a2 aero1e2 aero1i2 aero1o2 aero1u2
+aero1á2 aero1é2 aero1í2 aero1ó2 aero1ú2
+afro1a2 afro1e2 afro1i2 afro1o2 afro1u2
+afro1á2 afro1é2 afro1í2 afro1ó2 afro1ú2
+agro1a2 agro1e2 agro1i2 agro1o2 agro1u2
+agro1á2 agro1é2 agro1í2 agro1ó2 agro1ú2
+andro1a2 andro1e2 andro1i2 andro1o2 andro1u2
+andro1á2 andro1é2 andro1í2 andro1ó2 andro1ú2
+anfi1a2 anfi1e2 anfi1i2 anfi1o2 anfi1u2
+anfi1á2 anfi1é2 anfi1í2 anfi1ó2 anfi1ú2
+anglo1a2 anglo1e2 anglo1i2 anglo1o2 anglo1u2
+anglo1á2 anglo1é2 anglo1í2 anglo1ó2 anglo1ú2
+ante1a2 ante1e2 ante1i2 ante1o2 ante1u2
+ante1á2 ante1é2 ante1í2 ante1ó2 ante1ú2
+.anti1a2 .anti1e2 .anti1i2 .anti1o2 .anti1u2
+.anti1á2 .anti1é2 .anti1í2 .anti1ó2 .anti1ú2
+apico1a2 apico1e2 apico1i2 apico1o2 apico1u2
+apico1á2 apico1é2 apico1í2 apico1ó2 apico1ú2
+archi1a2 archi1e2 archi1i2 archi1o2 archi1u2
+archi1á2 archi1é2 archi1í2 archi1ó2 archi1ú2
+.atto1a2 .atto1e2 .atto1i2 .atto1o2 .atto1u2
+.atto1á2 .atto1é2 .atto1í2 .atto1ó2 .atto1ú2
+audio1a2 audio1e2 audio1i2 audio1o2 audio1u2
+audio1á2 audio1é2 audio1í2 audio1ó2 audio1ú2
+austro1a2 austro1e2 austro1i2 austro1o2 austro1u2
+austro1á2 austro1é2 austro1í2 austro1ó2 austro1ú2
+auto1a2 auto1e2 auto1i2 auto1o2 auto1u2
+auto1á2 auto1é2 auto1í2 auto1ó2 auto1ú2
+biblio1a2 biblio1e2 biblio1i2 biblio1o2 biblio1u2
+biblio1á2 biblio1é2 biblio1í2 biblio1ó2 biblio1ú2
+bio1a2 bio1e2 bio1i2 bio1o2 bio1u2
+bio1á2 bio1é2 bio1í2 bio1ó2 bio1ú2
+busca1a2 busca1e2 busca1i2 busca1o2 busca1u2
+busca1á2 busca1é2 busca1í2 busca1ó2 busca1ú2
+cardio1a2 cardio1e2 cardio1i2 cardio1o2 cardio1u2
+cardio1á2 cardio1é2 cardio1í2 cardio1ó2 cardio1ú2
+cefalo1a2 cefalo1e2 cefalo1i2 cefalo1o2 cefalo1u2
+cefalo1á2 cefalo1é2 cefalo1í2 cefalo1ó2 cefalo1ú2
+centi1a2 centi1e2 centi1i2 centi1o2 centi1u2
+centi1á2 centi1é2 centi1í2 centi1ó2 centi1ú2
+ciano1a2 ciano1e2 ciano1i2 ciano1o2 ciano1u2
+ciano1á2 ciano1é2 ciano1í2 ciano1ó2 ciano1ú2
+cibe2r1a2 cibe2r1e2 cibe2r1i2 cibe2r1o2 cibe2r1u2
+cibe2r1á2 cibe2r1é2 cibe2r1í2 cibe2r1ó2 cibe2r1ú2
+ciclo1a2 ciclo1e2 ciclo1i2 ciclo1o2 ciclo1u2
+ciclo1á2 ciclo1é2 ciclo1í2 ciclo1ó2 ciclo1ú2
+cito1a2 cito1e2 cito1i2 cito1o2 cito1u2
+cito1á2 cito1é2 cito1í2 cito1ó2 cito1ú2
+clepto1a2 clepto1e2 clepto1i2 clepto1o2 clepto1u2
+clepto1á2 clepto1é2 clepto1í2 clepto1ó2 clepto1ú2
+cnico1a2 cnico1e2 cnico1i2 cnico1o2 cnico1u2
+cnico1á2 cnico1é2 cnico1í2 cnico1ó2 cnico1ú2
+corta1a2 corta1e2 corta1i2 corta1o2 corta1u2
+corta1á2 corta1é2 corta1í2 corta1ó2 corta1ú2
+cosmo1a2 cosmo1e2 cosmo1i2 cosmo1o2 cosmo1u2
+cosmo1á2 cosmo1é2 cosmo1í2 cosmo1ó2 cosmo1ú2
+crio1a2 crio1e2 crio1i2 crio1o2 crio1u2
+crio1á2 crio1é2 crio1í2 crio1ó2 crio1ú2
+cripto1a2 cripto1e2 cripto1i2 cripto1o2 cripto1u2
+cripto1á2 cripto1é2 cripto1í2 cripto1ó2 cripto1ú2
+crono1a2 crono1e2 crono1i2 crono1o2 crono1u2
+crono1á2 crono1é2 crono1í2 crono1ó2 crono1ú2
+contra1a2 contra1e2 contra1i2 contra1o2 contra1u2
+contra1á2 contra1é2 contra1í2 contra1ó2 contra1ú2
+cuadru1a2 cuadru1e2 cuadru1i2 cuadru1o2 cuadru1u2
+cuadru1á2 cuadru1é2 cuadru1í2 cuadru1ó2 cuadru1ú2
+cuasi1a2 cuasi1e2 cuasi1i2 cuasi1o2 cuasi1u2
+cuasi1á2 cuasi1é2 cuasi1í2 cuasi1ó2 cuasi1ú2
+deca1a2 deca1e2 deca1i2 deca1o2 deca1u2
+deca1á2 deca1é2 deca1í2 deca1ó2 deca1ú2
+dento1a2 dento1e2 dento1i2 dento1o2 dento1u2
+dento1á2 dento1é2 dento1í2 dento1ó2 dento1ú2
+dermato1a2 dermato1e2 dermato1i2 dermato1o2 dermato1u2
+dermato1á2 dermato1é2 dermato1í2 dermato1ó2 dermato1ú2
+dermo1a2 dermo1e2 dermo1i2 dermo1o2 dermo1u2
+dermo1á2 dermo1é2 dermo1í2 dermo1ó2 dermo1ú2
+ecano1a2 ecano1e2 ecano1i2 ecano1o2 ecano1u2
+ecano1á2 ecano1é2 ecano1í2 ecano1ó2 ecano1ú2
+eco1a2 eco1e2 eco1i2 eco1o2 eco1u2
+eco1á2 eco1é2 eco1í2 eco1ó2 eco1ú2
+ecto1a2 ecto1e2 ecto1i2 ecto1o2 ecto1u2
+ecto1á2 ecto1é2 ecto1í2 ecto1ó2 ecto1ú2
+ectro1a2 ectro1e2 ectro1i2 ectro1o2 ectro1u2
+ectro1á2 ectro1é2 ectro1í2 ectro1ó2 ectro1ú2
+.e2n2a2 .e2n2e2 .e2n2i2 .e2n2o2 .e2n2u2
+.e2n2á2 .e2n2é2 .e2n2í2 .e2n2ó2 .e2n2ú2
+endo1a2 endo1e2 endo1i2 endo1o2 endo1u2
+endo1á2 endo1é2 endo1í2 endo1ó2 endo1ú2
+enea1a2 enea1e2 enea1i2 enea1o2 enea1u2
+enea1á2 enea1é2 enea1í2 enea1ó2 enea1ú2
+entero1a2 entero1e2 entero1i2 entero1o2 entero1u2
+entero1á2 entero1é2 entero1í2 entero1ó2 entero1ú2
+ento1a2 ento1e2 ento1i2 ento1o2 ento1u2
+ento1á2 ento1é2 ento1í2 ento1ó2 ento1ú2
+entre1a2 entre1e2 entre1i2 entre1o2 entre1u2
+entre1á2 entre1é2 entre1í2 entre1ó2 entre1ú2
+esclero1a2 esclero1e2 esclero1i2 esclero1o2 esclero1u2
+esclero1á2 esclero1é2 esclero1í2 esclero1ó2 esclero1ú2
+estereo1a2 estereo1e2 estereo1i2 estereo1o2 estereo1u2
+estereo1á2 estereo1é2 estereo1í2 estereo1ó2 estereo1ú2
+etno1a2 etno1e2 etno1i2 etno1o2 etno1u2
+etno1á2 etno1é2 etno1í2 etno1ó2 etno1ú2
+euco1a2 euco1e2 euco1i2 euco1o2 euco1u2
+euco1á2 euco1é2 euco1í2 euco1ó2 euco1ú2
+euro1a2 euro1e2 euro1i2 euro1o2 euro1u2
+euro1á2 euro1é2 euro1í2 euro1ó2 euro1ú2
+.e2x2a2 .e2x2e2 .e2x2i2 .e2x2o2 .e2x2u2
+.e2x2á2 .e2x2é2 .e2x2í2 .e2x2ó2 .e2x2ú2
+extra1a2 extra1e2 extra1i2 extra1o2 extra1u2
+extra1á2 extra1é2 extra1í2 extra1ó2 extra1ú2
+femto1a2 femto1e2 femto1i2 femto1o2 femto1u2
+femto1á2 femto1é2 femto1í2 femto1ó2 femto1ú2
+ferro1a2 ferro1e2 ferro1i2 ferro1o2 ferro1u2
+ferro1á2 ferro1é2 ferro1í2 ferro1ó2 ferro1ú2
+filo1a2 filo1e2 filo1i2 filo1o2 filo1u2
+filo1á2 filo1é2 filo1í2 filo1ó2 filo1ú2
+fisio1a2 fisio1e2 fisio1i2 fisio1o2 fisio1u2
+fisio1á2 fisio1é2 fisio1í2 fisio1ó2 fisio1ú2
+fito1a2 fito1e2 fito1i2 fito1o2 fito1u2
+fito1á2 fito1é2 fito1í2 fito1ó2 fito1ú2
+fono1a2 fono1e2 fono1i2 fono1o2 fono1u2
+fono1á2 fono1é2 fono1í2 fono1ó2 fono1ú2
+foto1a2 foto1e2 foto1i2 foto1o2 foto1u2
+foto1á2 foto1é2 foto1í2 foto1ó2 foto1ú2
+galo1a2 galo1e2 galo1i2 galo1o2 galo1u2
+galo1á2 galo1é2 galo1í2 galo1ó2 galo1ú2
+gastero1a2 gastero1e2 gastero1i2 gastero1o2 gastero1u2
+gastero1á2 gastero1é2 gastero1í2 gastero1ó2 gastero1ú2
+gastro1a2 gastro1e2 gastro1i2 gastro1o2 gastro1u2
+gastro1á2 gastro1é2 gastro1í2 gastro1ó2 gastro1ú2
+geo1a2 geo1e2 geo1i2 geo1o2 geo1u2
+geo1á2 geo1é2 geo1í2 geo1ó2 geo1ú2
+geronto1a2 geronto1e2 geronto1i2 geronto1o2 geronto1u2
+geronto1á2 geronto1é2 geronto1í2 geronto1ó2 geronto1ú2
+gineco1a2 gineco1e2 gineco1i2 gineco1o2 gineco1u2
+gineco1á2 gineco1é2 gineco1í2 gineco1ó2 gineco1ú2
+giga1a2 giga1e2 giga1i2 giga1o2 giga1u2
+giga1á2 giga1é2 giga1í2 giga1ó2 giga1ú2
+gluco1a2 gluco1e2 gluco1i2 gluco1o2 gluco1u2
+gluco1á2 gluco1é2 gluco1í2 gluco1ó2 gluco1ú2
+grafo1a2 grafo1e2 grafo1i2 grafo1o2 grafo1u2
+grafo1á2 grafo1é2 grafo1í2 grafo1ó2 grafo1ú2
+guarda1a2 guarda1e2 guarda1i2 guarda1o2 guarda1u2
+guarda1á2 guarda1é2 guarda1í2 guarda1ó2 guarda1ú2
+halo1a2 halo1e2 halo1i2 halo1o2 halo1u2
+halo1á2 halo1é2 halo1í2 halo1ó2 halo1ú2
+hecto1a2 hecto1e2 hecto1i2 hecto1o2 hecto1u2
+hecto1á2 hecto1é2 hecto1í2 hecto1ó2 hecto1ú2
+helico1a2 helico1e2 helico1i2 helico1o2 helico1u2
+helico1á2 helico1é2 helico1í2 helico1ó2 helico1ú2
+helio1a2 helio1e2 helio1i2 helio1o2 helio1u2
+helio1á2 helio1é2 helio1í2 helio1ó2 helio1ú2
+hemato1a2 hemato1e2 hemato1i2 hemato1o2 hemato1u2
+hemato1á2 hemato1é2 hemato1í2 hemato1ó2 hemato1ú2
+hemi1a2 hemi1e2 hemi1i2 hemi1o2 hemi1u2
+hemi1á2 hemi1é2 hemi1í2 hemi1ó2 hemi1ú2
+hemo1a2 hemo1e2 hemo1i2 hemo1o2 hemo1u2
+hemo1á2 hemo1é2 hemo1í2 hemo1ó2 hemo1ú2
+hepato1a2 hepato1e2 hepato1i2 hepato1o2 hepato1u2
+hepato1á2 hepato1é2 hepato1í2 hepato1ó2 hepato1ú2
+hepta1a2 hepta1e2 hepta1i2 hepta1o2 hepta1u2
+hepta1á2 hepta1é2 hepta1í2 hepta1ó2 hepta1ú2
+hetero1a2 hetero1e2 hetero1i2 hetero1o2 hetero1u2
+hetero1á2 hetero1é2 hetero1í2 hetero1ó2 hetero1ú2
+hexa1a2 hexa1e2 hexa1i2 hexa1o2 hexa1u2
+hexa1á2 hexa1é2 hexa1í2 hexa1ó2 hexa1ú2
+hidro1a2 hidro1e2 hidro1i2 hidro1o2 hidro1u2
+hidro1á2 hidro1é2 hidro1í2 hidro1ó2 hidro1ú2
+holo1a2 holo1e2 holo1i2 holo1o2 holo1u2
+holo1á2 holo1é2 holo1í2 holo1ó2 holo1ú2
+hipe2r1a2 hipe2r1e2 hipe2r1i2 hipe2r1o2 hipe2r1u2
+hipe2r1á2 hipe2r1é2 hipe2r1í2 hipe2r1ó2 hipe2r1ú2
+hipo1a2 hipo1e2 hipo1i2 hipo1o2 hipo1u2
+hipo1á2 hipo1é2 hipo1í2 hipo1ó2 hipo1ú2
+spano1a2 spano1e2 spano1i2 spano1o2 spano1u2
+spano1á2 spano1é2 spano1í2 spano1ó2 spano1ú2
+histo1a2 histo1e2 histo1i2 histo1o2 histo1u2
+histo1á2 histo1é2 histo1í2 histo1ó2 histo1ú2
+homo1a2 homo1e2 homo1i2 homo1o2 homo1u2
+homo1á2 homo1é2 homo1í2 homo1ó2 homo1ú2
+homeo1a2 homeo1e2 homeo1i2 homeo1o2 homeo1u2
+homeo1á2 homeo1é2 homeo1í2 homeo1ó2 homeo1ú2
+ibero1a2 ibero1e2 ibero1i2 ibero1o2 ibero1u2
+ibero1á2 ibero1é2 ibero1í2 ibero1ó2 ibero1ú2
+icono1a2 icono1e2 icono1i2 icono1o2 icono1u2
+icono1á2 icono1é2 icono1í2 icono1ó2 icono1ú2
+.i2n2a2 .i2n2e2 .i2n2i2 .i2n2o2 .i2n2u2
+.i2n2á2 .i2n2é2 .i2n2í2 .i2n2ó2 .i2n2ú2
+infra1a2 infra1e2 infra1i2 infra1o2 infra1u2
+infra1á2 infra1é2 infra1í2 infra1ó2 infra1ú2
+inmuno1a2 inmuno1e2 inmuno1i2 inmuno1o2 inmuno1u2
+inmuno1á2 inmuno1é2 inmuno1í2 inmuno1ó2 inmuno1ú2
+.inte2r1a2 .inte2r1e2 .inte2r1i2 .inte2r1o2 .inte2r1u2
+.inte2r1á2 .inte2r1é2 .inte2r1í2 .inte2r1ó2 .inte2r1ú2
+intra1a2 intra1e2 intra1i2 intra1o2 intra1u2
+intra1á2 intra1é2 intra1í2 intra1ó2 intra1ú2
+islamo1a2 islamo1e2 islamo1i2 islamo1o2 islamo1u2
+islamo1á2 islamo1é2 islamo1í2 islamo1ó2 islamo1ú2
+italo1a2 italo1e2 italo1i2 italo1o2 italo1u2
+italo1á2 italo1é2 italo1í2 italo1ó2 italo1ú2
+iso1a2 iso1e2 iso1i2 iso1o2 iso1u2
+iso1á2 iso1é2 iso1í2 iso1ó2 iso1ú2
+kilo1a2 kilo1e2 kilo1i2 kilo1o2 kilo1u2
+kilo1á2 kilo1é2 kilo1í2 kilo1ó2 kilo1ú2
+leuco1a2 leuco1e2 leuco1i2 leuco1o2 leuco1u2
+leuco1á2 leuco1é2 leuco1í2 leuco1ó2 leuco1ú2
+linfo1a2 linfo1e2 linfo1i2 linfo1o2 linfo1u2
+linfo1á2 linfo1é2 linfo1í2 linfo1ó2 linfo1ú2
+lipo1a2 lipo1e2 lipo1i2 lipo1o2 lipo1u2
+lipo1á2 lipo1é2 lipo1í2 lipo1ó2 lipo1ú2
+lito1a2 lito1e2 lito1i2 lito1o2 lito1u2
+lito1á2 lito1é2 lito1í2 lito1ó2 lito1ú2
+macro1a2 macro1e2 macro1i2 macro1o2 macro1u2
+macro1á2 macro1é2 macro1í2 macro1ó2 macro1ú2
+maxi1a2 maxi1e2 maxi1i2 maxi1o2 maxi1u2
+maxi1á2 maxi1é2 maxi1í2 maxi1ó2 maxi1ú2
+megalo1a2 megalo1e2 megalo1i2 megalo1o2 megalo1u2
+megalo1á2 megalo1é2 megalo1í2 megalo1ó2 megalo1ú2
+mega1a2 mega1e2 mega1i2 mega1o2 mega1u2
+mega1á2 mega1é2 mega1í2 mega1ó2 mega1ú2
+melano1a2 melano1e2 melano1i2 melano1o2 melano1u2
+melano1á2 melano1é2 melano1í2 melano1ó2 melano1ú2
+meso1a2 meso1e2 meso1i2 meso1o2 meso1u2
+meso1á2 meso1é2 meso1í2 meso1ó2 meso1ú2
+meta1a2 meta1e2 meta1i2 meta1o2 meta1u2
+meta1á2 meta1é2 meta1í2 meta1ó2 meta1ú2
+micro1a2 micro1e2 micro1i2 micro1o2 micro1u2
+micro1á2 micro1é2 micro1í2 micro1ó2 micro1ú2
+.mili1a2 .mili1e2 .mili1i2 .mili1o2 .mili1u2
+.mili1á2 .mili1é2 .mili1í2 .mili1ó2 .mili1ú2
+mini1a2 mini1e2 mini1i2 mini1o2 mini1u2
+mini1á2 mini1é2 mini1í2 mini1ó2 mini1ú2
+.mio1a2 .mio1e2 .mio1i2 .mio1o2 .mio1u2
+.mio1á2 .mio1é2 .mio1í2 .mio1ó2 .mio1ú2
+multi1a2 multi1e2 multi1i2 multi1o2 multi1u2
+multi1á2 multi1é2 multi1í2 multi1ó2 multi1ú2
+miria1a2 miria1e2 miria1i2 miria1o2 miria1u2
+miria1á2 miria1é2 miria1í2 miria1ó2 miria1ú2
+mono1a2 mono1e2 mono1i2 mono1o2 mono1u2
+mono1á2 mono1é2 mono1í2 mono1ó2 mono1ú2
+morfo1a2 morfo1e2 morfo1i2 morfo1o2 morfo1u2
+morfo1á2 morfo1é2 morfo1í2 morfo1ó2 morfo1ú2
+moto1a2 moto1e2 moto1i2 moto1o2 moto1u2
+moto1á2 moto1é2 moto1í2 moto1ó2 moto1ú2
+namo1a2 namo1e2 namo1i2 namo1o2 namo1u2
+namo1á2 namo1é2 namo1í2 namo1ó2 namo1ú2
+nano1a2 nano1e2 nano1i2 nano1o2 nano1u2
+nano1á2 nano1é2 nano1í2 nano1ó2 nano1ú2
+narco1a2 narco1e2 narco1i2 narco1o2 narco1u2
+narco1á2 narco1é2 narco1í2 narco1ó2 narco1ú2
+necro1a2 necro1e2 necro1i2 necro1o2 necro1u2
+necro1á2 necro1é2 necro1í2 necro1ó2 necro1ú2
+nefro1a2 nefro1e2 nefro1i2 nefro1o2 nefro1u2
+nefro1á2 nefro1é2 nefro1í2 nefro1ó2 nefro1ú2
+neo1a2 neo1e2 neo1i2 neo1o2 neo1u2
+neo1á2 neo1é2 neo1í2 neo1ó2 neo1ú2
+neto1a2 neto1e2 neto1i2 neto1o2 neto1u2
+neto1á2 neto1é2 neto1í2 neto1ó2 neto1ú2
+neumo1a2 neumo1e2 neumo1i2 neumo1o2 neumo1u2
+neumo1á2 neumo1é2 neumo1í2 neumo1ó2 neumo1ú2
+norte1a2 norte1e2 norte1i2 norte1o2 norte1u2
+norte1á2 norte1é2 norte1í2 norte1ó2 norte1ú2
+octo1a2 octo1e2 octo1i2 octo1o2 octo1u2
+octo1á2 octo1é2 octo1í2 octo1ó2 octo1ú2
+octa1a2 octa1e2 octa1i2 octa1o2 octa1u2
+octa1á2 octa1é2 octa1í2 octa1ó2 octa1ú2
+oligo1a2 oligo1e2 oligo1i2 oligo1o2 oligo1u2
+oligo1á2 oligo1é2 oligo1í2 oligo1ó2 oligo1ú2
+omni1a2 omni1e2 omni1i2 omni1o2 omni1u2
+omni1á2 omni1é2 omni1í2 omni1ó2 omni1ú2
+onco1a2 onco1e2 onco1i2 onco1o2 onco1u2
+onco1á2 onco1é2 onco1í2 onco1ó2 onco1ú2
+onto1a2 onto1e2 onto1i2 onto1o2 onto1u2
+onto1á2 onto1é2 onto1í2 onto1ó2 onto1ú2
+opto1a2 opto1e2 opto1i2 opto1o2 opto1u2
+opto1á2 opto1é2 opto1í2 opto1ó2 opto1ú2
+ornito1a2 ornito1e2 ornito1i2 ornito1o2 ornito1u2
+ornito1á2 ornito1é2 ornito1í2 ornito1ó2 ornito1ú2
+orto1a2 orto1e2 orto1i2 orto1o2 orto1u2
+orto1á2 orto1é2 orto1í2 orto1ó2 orto1ú2
+osteo1a2 osteo1e2 osteo1i2 osteo1o2 osteo1u2
+osteo1á2 osteo1é2 osteo1í2 osteo1ó2 osteo1ú2
+paleo1a2 paleo1e2 paleo1i2 paleo1o2 paleo1u2
+paleo1á2 paleo1é2 paleo1í2 paleo1ó2 paleo1ú2
+para1a2 para1e2 para1i2 para1o2 para1u2
+para1á2 para1é2 para1í2 para1ó2 para1ú2
+penta1a2 penta1e2 penta1i2 penta1o2 penta1u2
+penta1á2 penta1é2 penta1í2 penta1ó2 penta1ú2
+peta1a2 peta1e2 peta1i2 peta1o2 peta1u2
+peta1á2 peta1é2 peta1í2 peta1ó2 peta1ú2
+pico1a2 pico1e2 pico1i2 pico1o2 pico1u2
+pico1á2 pico1é2 pico1í2 pico1ó2 pico1ú2
+piezo1a2 piezo1e2 piezo1i2 piezo1o2 piezo1u2
+piezo1á2 piezo1é2 piezo1í2 piezo1ó2 piezo1ú2
+piro1a2 piro1e2 piro1i2 piro1o2 piro1u2
+piro1á2 piro1é2 piro1í2 piro1ó2 piro1ú2
+pluri1a2 pluri1e2 pluri1i2 pluri1o2 pluri1u2
+pluri1á2 pluri1é2 pluri1í2 pluri1ó2 pluri1ú2
+poli1a2 poli1e2 poli1i2 poli1o2 poli1u2
+poli1á2 poli1é2 poli1í2 poli1ó2 poli1ú2
+porta1a2 porta1e2 porta1i2 porta1o2 porta1u2
+porta1á2 porta1é2 porta1í2 porta1ó2 porta1ú2
+.pos2t2a2 .pos2t2e2 .pos2t2i2 .pos2t2o2 .pos2t2u2
+.pos2t2á2 .pos2t2é2 .pos2t2í2 .pos2t2ó2 .pos2t2ú2
+.pre1a2 .pre1e2 .pre1i2 .pre1o2 .pre1u2
+.pre1á2 .pre1é2 .pre1í2 .pre1ó2 .pre1ú2
+.pro2a2 .pro2e2 .pro2i2 .pro2o2 .pro2u2
+.pro2á2 .pro2é2 .pro2í2 .pro2ó2 .pro2ú2
+proto1a2 proto1e2 proto1i2 proto1o2 proto1u2
+proto1á2 proto1é2 proto1í2 proto1ó2 proto1ú2
+psico1a2 psico1e2 psico1i2 psico1o2 psico1u2
+psico1á2 psico1é2 psico1í2 psico1ó2 psico1ú2
+ptero1a2 ptero1e2 ptero1i2 ptero1o2 ptero1u2
+ptero1á2 ptero1é2 ptero1í2 ptero1ó2 ptero1ú2
+quete1a2 quete1e2 quete1i2 quete1o2 quete1u2
+quete1á2 quete1é2 quete1í2 quete1ó2 quete1ú2
+quimio1a2 quimio1e2 quimio1i2 quimio1o2 quimio1u2
+quimio1á2 quimio1é2 quimio1í2 quimio1ó2 quimio1ú2
+quiro1a2 quiro1e2 quiro1i2 quiro1o2 quiro1u2
+quiro1á2 quiro1é2 quiro1í2 quiro1ó2 quiro1ú2
+radio1a2 radio1e2 radio1i2 radio1o2 radio1u2
+radio1á2 radio1é2 radio1í2 radio1ó2 radio1ú2
+ranco1a2 ranco1e2 ranco1i2 ranco1o2 ranco1u2
+ranco1á2 ranco1é2 ranco1í2 ranco1ó2 ranco1ú2
+rete1a2 rete1e2 rete1i2 rete1o2 rete1u2
+rete1á2 rete1é2 rete1í2 rete1ó2 rete1ú2
+rmano1a2 rmano1e2 rmano1i2 rmano1o2 rmano1u2
+rmano1á2 rmano1é2 rmano1í2 rmano1ó2 rmano1ú2
+retro1a2 retro1e2 retro1i2 retro1o2 retro1u2
+retro1á2 retro1é2 retro1í2 retro1ó2 retro1ú2
+romo1a2 romo1e2 romo1i2 romo1o2 romo1u2
+romo1á2 romo1é2 romo1í2 romo1ó2 romo1ú2
+salva1a2 salva1e2 salva1i2 salva1o2 salva1u2
+salva1á2 salva1é2 salva1í2 salva1ó2 salva1ú2
+seleno1a2 seleno1e2 seleno1i2 seleno1o2 seleno1u2
+seleno1á2 seleno1é2 seleno1í2 seleno1ó2 seleno1ú2
+semi1a2 semi1e2 semi1i2 semi1o2 semi1u2
+semi1á2 semi1é2 semi1í2 semi1ó2 semi1ú2
+servo1a2 servo1e2 servo1i2 servo1o2 servo1u2
+servo1á2 servo1é2 servo1í2 servo1ó2 servo1ú2
+2seudo1a2 2seudo1e2 2seudo1i2 2seudo1o2 2seudo1u2
+2seudo1á2 2seudo1é2 2seudo1í2 2seudo1ó2 2seudo1ú2
+sobre1a2 sobre1e2 sobre1i2 sobre1o2 sobre1u2
+sobre1á2 sobre1é2 sobre1í2 sobre1ó2 sobre1ú2
+socio1a2 socio1e2 socio1i2 socio1o2 socio1u2
+socio1á2 socio1é2 socio1í2 socio1ó2 socio1ú2
+.su2b2a2 .su2b2e2 .su2b2i2 .su2b2o2 .su2b2u2
+.su2b2á2 .su2b2é2 .su2b2í2 .su2b2ó2 .su2b2ú2
+supe2r1a2 supe2r1e2 supe2r1i2 supe2r1o2 supe2r1u2
+supe2r1á2 supe2r1é2 supe2r1í2 supe2r1ó2 supe2r1ú2
+supra1a2 supra1e2 supra1i2 supra1o2 supra1u2
+supra1á2 supra1é2 supra1í2 supra1ó2 supra1ú2
+talmo1a2 talmo1e2 talmo1i2 talmo1o2 talmo1u2
+talmo1á2 talmo1é2 talmo1í2 talmo1ó2 talmo1ú2
+tele1a2 tele1e2 tele1i2 tele1o2 tele1u2
+tele1á2 tele1é2 tele1í2 tele1ó2 tele1ú2
+tecno1a2 tecno1e2 tecno1i2 tecno1o2 tecno1u2
+tecno1á2 tecno1é2 tecno1í2 tecno1ó2 tecno1ú2
+tera1a2 tera1e2 tera1i2 tera1o2 tera1u2
+tera1á2 tera1é2 tera1í2 tera1ó2 tera1ú2
+termo1a2 termo1e2 termo1i2 termo1o2 termo1u2
+termo1á2 termo1é2 termo1í2 termo1ó2 termo1ú2
+tetra1a2 tetra1e2 tetra1i2 tetra1o2 tetra1u2
+tetra1á2 tetra1é2 tetra1í2 tetra1ó2 tetra1ú2
+topo1a2 topo1e2 topo1i2 topo1o2 topo1u2
+topo1á2 topo1é2 topo1í2 topo1ó2 topo1ú2
+.tra2sa2 .tra2se2 .tra2si2 .tra2so2 .tra2su2
+.tra2sá2 .tra2sé2 .tra2sí2 .tra2só2 .tra2sú2
+tran2sa2 tran2se2 tran2si2 tran2so2 tran2su2
+tran2sá2 tran2sé2 tran2sí2 tran2só2 tran2sú2
+tropo1a2 tropo1e2 tropo1i2 tropo1o2 tropo1u2
+tropo1á2 tropo1é2 tropo1í2 tropo1ó2 tropo1ú2
+turbo1a2 turbo1e2 turbo1i2 turbo1o2 turbo1u2
+turbo1á2 turbo1é2 turbo1í2 turbo1ó2 turbo1ú2
+ultra1a2 ultra1e2 ultra1i2 ultra1o2 ultra1u2
+ultra1á2 ultra1é2 ultra1í2 ultra1ó2 ultra1ú2
+vice1a2 vice1e2 vice1i2 vice1o2 vice1u2
+vice1á2 vice1é2 vice1í2 vice1ó2 vice1ú2
+video1a2 video1e2 video1i2 video1o2 video1u2
+video1á2 video1é2 video1í2 video1ó2 video1ú2
+xeno1a2 xeno1e2 xeno1i2 xeno1o2 xeno1u2
+xeno1á2 xeno1é2 xeno1í2 xeno1ó2 xeno1ú2
+xero1a2 xero1e2 xero1i2 xero1o2 xero1u2
+xero1á2 xero1é2 xero1í2 xero1ó2 xero1ú2
+xilo1a2 xilo1e2 xilo1i2 xilo1o2 xilo1u2
+xilo1á2 xilo1é2 xilo1í2 xilo1ó2 xilo1ú2
+zoo1a2 zoo1e2 zoo1i2 zoo1o2 zoo1u2
+zoo1á2 zoo1é2 zoo1í2 zoo1ó2 zoo1ú2
diff --git a/tmac/ b/tmac/
index d44eac4c0..84f10abe0 100644
--- a/tmac/
+++ b/tmac/
@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ TMACNORMALFILES = \
   tmac/en.tmac \
   tmac/hyphen.en \
   tmac/hyphenex.en \
+  tmac/es.tmac \
+  tmac/ \
   tmac/fr.tmac \
   tmac/ \
   tmac/it.tmac \

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