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Re: FYI: by default, elide analyzer-related warning options

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: FYI: by default, elide analyzer-related warning options
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 15:51:26 -0800
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On 1/1/22 12:08, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
Shouldn't the litmus test be "bug free code"?

No, as that's not practical when developing real-world applications.

In practice, -fanalyzer is sooooo slow that it has significant adverse effects on ordinary development. Among other things, this can cause developers to do less testing, which hurts reliability. So it's reasonable to enable -fanalyzer only on request.

As Jim wrote, the case for -Wanalyzer-double-free and -Wanalyzer-use-after-free would be stronger if these options were finding real bugs in coreutils and grep. In practice, though, they're not doing that.

PS. If you want more-extensive checking, and even slooooooower builds, try -flto -fanalyzer.

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