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[grdesktop-changes] CVS CHANGES

From: Thorsten Sauter <address@hidden>
Subject: [grdesktop-changes] CVS CHANGES
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:06:00 -0500

uid=62499(tsauter) gid=65534(nogroup) 
grdesktop,NONE,1.1,1.2,1.3 aclocal.m4,1.2,NONE 
config.guess,1.1,NONE config.sub,1.1,NONE,1.15,NONE 
install-sh,1.1,NONE ltconfig,1.1,NONE,1.1,NONE missing,1.1,NONE 
Tue Oct 29 15:06:00 EST 2002
Update of /cvsroot/grdesktop/grdesktop
In directory subversions:/tmp/cvs-serv18587

Modified Files: 
Added Files: 
Removed Files:
        aclocal.m4 config.guess config.sub install-sh 
        ltconfig missing mkinstalldirs 
Log Message:
Make new autoconf/automake configuration and remove all unused dynamic 
generated files from cvs.

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