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[Grace-general] stumbling block

From: Charlotte Pitts
Subject: [Grace-general] stumbling block
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 07:45:55 -0400

Ive put my foot into it with him and cant gomyself, but I specially want to know. It would be unique, of course as a Britishproduct.
Anyway, youll know I didnt want to hurt her more thanI could help. He got up and swung his arms, lit a cigarette, and drew the smokedeep in. Then Ill go and get you that bottle and the coffee. And,grabbing his battered hat, he went out. The whole thing looked extraordinarily genuine. Your first impression of me was the right one, Stack; not yoursecond.
We connect it with softness andimmorality. And then she looked after him; and then she sat down on the grass. His name is known to thousands whod never heardof it. She did not even have toform that thought, it was instinctive. Adrians tea was cold and his bun uneaten.
Then she approached him, and he smiled up at her. If I had stayed, you and I would have been one.
When he woke light was just rifting the clear darkness.
Of all his uncles he knew Dinnys fatherleast, and he waited with some trepidation. He dwelt on the advantage of being born atCondaford.
Each wanted to show sympathy, none knew how.
She had begun tolive, and now she was dead. She had begun tolive, and now she was dead.
Wilfrid could see the maid watching him, as if wondering what sortof fever she was going to catch. She dug with her fingers at the sandy earth;and a dog, seeing a hole, came up and sniffed it.
The world might well be without end, forits end had come.

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