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[Grace-general] leadership puke

From: Kathleen House
Subject: [Grace-general] leadership puke
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 12:51:17 -0700

We went into his bedroom, and he rang for moresodas. We talked for some time, leaning on the inner rail of the upper deck. I didnt tell him I was here till I had got here.
We got at last into a boat and were rowed ashore.
He introduced meto these two young men: one Gabriel Mazzaiba and the other Salonia. I hope I shall have anopportunity to introduce you to him. Sure it will be an affair of the police, he said with a grimace.
And at the same timeit was so cruel, and so rude. So, they were on board, on their way to Africa. I will go to the Prefettura,I will go to the Questura, to the police. I came to you, if it hadnt been foryou I should have gone to Rome.
But he will not leave my house, hewill not leave Taormina till he has paid. But what an awful long time wewere starting!
Nothing further has happened at the monastery, he said. I told him I would leave aletter and a cheque for him at the bank in the Corso that afternoon. He was anxiousto get something under way. And yet the trouble of these arrangementswas almost too much for his nerves.
I have got my vis├ęs and everything ready. He is only an acquaintance of mine, not a friend.
He went up to town alone at noon as Mazzaiba wentto Singlea. But there was the strike of steamers still, we hadto wait on.

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