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[Grace-general] personal computer z

From: Tilly Wright
Subject: [Grace-general] personal computer z
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 09:48:20 +0900

But how about you and the other men of your party? Idid not like them; they were crafty, deceitful, and cruel.
With the other man and the girl, I pursued them inanother ship. Thereupon an old man stepped to the front and placed himself directlybefore the throne. That is one reason why you have not been destroyed before.
So was the life of the girl, Zanda, I reminded her.
I directed it to drop down and approach thewindow of the tower where I stood.
If he takes this other woman, I said, she will kill him.
Never before in my life, I think,had I so concentrated my mind upon a single idea. I was standing where I could look directly out into the corridor whenthe door was opened. We await the wishes of the FireGod from the lips of his son, Ul Vas.
In each of these were two men and a woman. Nevertheless, I sought to concentrate my thoughts upon the metallicbrain wherever it might be. We shall haveto overcome them with our bare hands. Sometimes people imagine things, he said, in explanation of hisseeming doubt as to my veracity. Turning quickly, I cautionedthem to silence. There was no silence, I replied; and the room was crowded withpeople. And you, she continued; you are a great man in your own world.
I think we should have had a good fight on ourhands just now, had they been able to.
I might have put up a fight, but Isaw nothing to be gained by doing so.
One of the pleasures of the trip I am to be robbed of by our captors,I replied.

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