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[Grace-general] anchovy

From: Rosabella Gorman
Subject: [Grace-general] anchovy
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 19:32:25 -0500

Planish gasped, You dont mean you want me to SPY on ColonelMarduc? Not till she hadchattered herself into loving companionship did he ask her name. So why dont a lot ofus that have a common ideology join up and economize on expensesand efforts? The Doctor roared, Well, fella, I cant tell you how I envy youthis hour of opportunity. The Colonel had seen to it that Carlyle Vesper should be attendinga dreary committee meeting. Anyway, it was veryinconsiderate of him to have married that Stansbury girl in thefirst place. Have I got to do my own seductions, at my age? Planish wasable to rouse to action, and forget the warnings of Carrie. He was carrying an old-fashionedrazor, the blade clear and vicious even in that muggy light.
I wish I were young enough to shoulder amusket!
I phoned you, but theysaid youd just left, said the Commander.
The two men of the world laughed together.
In a general sort of way, at this time Dr.
As I say, I want to thank my friends andco-workers, Mrs. Planish returned to his office, and left the world to darknessand to philanthrobbing. Of recent years, living in New York,he had played up the degree, and joined the National Arts Club.
I hate these wives thatwhine and complain, dont you? Dont tell anybodythis, but maybe the Japs did me a big service at Pearl Harbor!
Have you still got that young Polishdoctor from Winona for a lieutenant? You are only a little cuckoo; you take care to hold down your joband play Charley Marducs records. In the hall, the telephone was ringing, and the bored Dr.
Yes, yes, a Christian gentleman anda fine scholar. I see that my own daughter has become flippant to the point ofblasphemy!
He had been reading Kiplings If since the age often.
Wouldnt it be cheaper to come and ask meabout my affairs? In a general sort of way, at this time Dr. But he could not, as he sat in the Lafayette Cafe, go on hatingher. God, I hope nothing will happento the DDD!
He was thesquat man who had been tailing the Colonel.

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