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Re: [Grace-general] Test Suite

From: Ted Dennison
Subject: Re: [Grace-general] Test Suite
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:22:52 -0500
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Ebert, Rolf wrote:

I have prepared a (very limited) test suite based on the AUnit package
( for the grace unbounded lists
package.  I can provide it if someone is interested.

Test frameworks are something I'm actually very much interested in. I was just looking at the AUnit page on the Gnat Libre site yesterday to try to see what it was all about.

The current test driver I have for the Lists package is written to return the string "passed" for each test case that passes and "failed", possibly along with diagnostic information, when a case fails. I was planning on making some kind of primitive test harness that runs all the cases, and requiring that it be run and everything pass before CVS is updated.

If you'd like, I could email you what I have. I'd be interested to see what it would look like if modified for AUnit.

The use of many different directories in a parallel structure seems easier
to understand.  On the downside some other compilers than Gnat propably need
more setup to tell them about the dir structure (at least the Alsys
compilers do).

Creating an Ada library for several hundred existing files in multiple directories is a fairly common need. Doing so by hand is a major drag. That's why most decent compilers have some kind of "stick every unit found in properly named files in these directories into your library" command. I know I bitched at GreenHills until they added one. :-)

Are you interested? What do you thing about the directory layout?

I am interested. I don't think I know enough about how aunit is used to make an intelligent decision about what directory structure would be best though.


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