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Re: NAVSPG-DYNMODEL documentation

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: NAVSPG-DYNMODEL documentation
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2023 12:16:37 -0700

Yo Hans!

On Thu, 20 Apr 2023 11:07:53 +0200
Hans Mayer <> wrote:

> My environment an U-BLOX ZED-F9P with version 27.12 with gpsd
> revision 3.25.1~dev-2023-03-30T16:56:51.579457


> Based on the documentation I 
> should have the right version to work with CFG-NAVSPG-DYNMODEL

Any recent ubxtool is good.

> When I query my ZED-F9P I get as default ( layer 7 ) value 0 which
> fits the documentation at 

Oh great, Rev 12, I have Rev 9.  I'll have to check the changelist.

That was a waste: "Improved", "Corrected", "Typos".  Typical u-blox.

> on page 28 which defines "portable" as default. Unfortunately there
> is no value (number) given for this parameter. But I assume the first
> has value 0. ( But maybe I am wrong )

Yeah, the layers are confusing.

>   version 1 layer 7 position 0
>    layers (default)
>      item CFG-NAVSPG-DYNMODEL/0x20110021 val 0

I think you want this doc:


Table 22 says 0 is "Portable" dynamic model.

> At below "Version 27+
> examples" I can read that the dynamic model 6 is "air 1". In my
> opinion "air 1" has value 5 when starting with 0 and adding one by
> one.

Table 22 says AIR1 (< 1g) is 6.

> Is there anywhere a better documentation available from u-blox where
> the value is given for each dynamic model ?

Table 22.

u-blox scatters stuff all over.  I download it all and run pdfgrep to find

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