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CSRS-PPP error

From: Hans Mayer
Subject: CSRS-PPP error
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2023 21:20:19 +0200
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Yo Gary, et al,

My environment, gpsd: 3.25.1~dev (revision 
3.25.1~dev-2023-03-30T16:56:51.579457) with u-blox ZED-F9P v 27.12

I followed these very detailed description in in chapter "PPP 
Configuration" and "U-blox configuration". After that I run "gpsrinex" as described 
for a day. The result I uploaded to CSRS-PPP and very quickly I got a result. Not surprising it was an error 
The error was:
today.obs | Error : The next time tag is not where expected at epoch 2023 04 02 
20 14 30.00.

I tried it again next day, but result was the same.
It seems I did something fundamental wrong.
Any idea what to change to get a result ?

Kind regards


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