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Re: need help: have issues with gpsd-client under python

From: Beta Tester
Subject: Re: need help: have issues with gpsd-client under python
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2022 11:08:20 +0200

i am happy now. i throw the first wierd part what i called "abnormal" detection 
away and left with the last part when i receive no valid marked responses 
nonstop over time, that it is time to stop and recreate a new gps session.
this works now for days without any hickups.

from the RPi ZeroW WiFi connection side i am out of options to improve anything 
too many very strong neigbours/school training rooms with all their access 
points, repeaters and public hotspots.

> > PS.: i am sorry, when i sometimes forget to change the eMail address
> > to gpsd-uusers. it is not my intention.
> Maybe get a better email client?

odd, at home PC i used ThunderBird and even this will behave the same, when 
just using the "reply" button of ThunderBird.
fortunately i found the button "reply list" in ThunderBird, there it will take 
the correct gpsd-users email address and keeps the subject untouched.
unfortunately in "GMX webmail" i could not find a "reply list" option on the 
computers i usually use to make those things.

ok, have a nice time...

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