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need help: have issues with gpsd-client under python

From: Beta Tester
Subject: need help: have issues with gpsd-client under python
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 06:52:56 +0200

hi, i have several issues with gpsd under python.
i have two Raspberry Pi Zero W (rev.1.3) acting as gpsd-server (via WiFi, 
HOST_1: & HOST_2: with an GPS device on each connected 
via serial port on GPIO.
and i have a Raspberry Pi 4 acting as gpsd-client (via LAN-cable, 
IP: to collect and store gps data from both gpsd-servers.

the gpsd-client is made in python:
two threads are running `gps.gpd(host=HOST_1)`, `gps.gpd(host=HOST_2)` to 
collect gps data of interest (`TPV`,`SKY`) and make a copy of it (with 
transforming nested dictwrapper to dict) and put the data to a queue.
another thread is taking the data from the queue and store them to a in-memory 
database first and every 10 minutes it store the data from the in-memory 
database to a file and clean the in-memory database and it starts a script that 
uses the data from the database file to publish the data for a local webpage.

everything works well except:

1. `` seems to get crazy from time to time in two ways.
   case 1: `` blocks forever and never returns.
   case 2: `` returns the same gps record repeatly over and over.

2. because `` or `` blocks the thread, is there a way to 
set a timeout to get back control to the loop?
   or is there a non-blocking way to see if there are data in `gps.gps()` 
before entrering the blocking `` or ``?

3. when starting with `gps.gps(reconnect=True)`, when does a reconnect happen? 
i cannot see any difference between reconnect enabled or disabled.
   e.g., the gpsd-servers powers off and powers on again, 
gps.gps(reconnect=True) does not come back receiving gps data.

4. not every time i get a `StopIteration` exception, then the gpsd-server goes 
down while ``.

on all Raspberry Pi's there is the newest RasPiOS Bullseye installed and is 
full updated.
on all RPi's i tried the debian distribution of gpsd v3.22 and i compiled gpsd 
`release-3.22`, `release-3.23`, `release-3.24` and `3.24.1-dev` from source 
all RPi's (gpsd-servers/-clients) were always on the same version of gpsd.
the gpsd v3.24 shows up the issue quicker than v3.23

on the gpsd-server on the RPi ZeroW i run `gpsd -D 5 -G -N -n -s 115200 
/dev/ttyAMA0 2>&1 | tee /tmp/test-gpsd.txt` as root

do i something wrong in the two gpsd-client threads?
maybe the RPi Zero W with its single core CPU is too weak to handle a 

the link to the python source code i use, in case someone will watch the code 
to point me, what i am doing wrong there:

PS.: i know `gpsplot` exists. i just want to know what is going wrong in my 

thank you in advanced.

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