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Re: gpssnmp / number of satellites

From: Hans Mayer
Subject: Re: gpssnmp / number of satellites
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:04:06 +0200
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Hi Gary, hi David,

Many thanks for your support. Yes, with the latest pull it's working fine.

I didn't know that I am so far behind with the version. The time passed so quickly. Sorry to bother you with unnecessary questions instead of trying the latest version immediately.

Kind regards



On 26.06.22 06:26, David Taylor wrote:
On 25/06/2022 22:40, Hans Mayer wrote:

Dear All,

I was looking for a possibility to log how many satellites are available/used
over a time period.
Reading the man page for „gpssnmp“ says it should be possible. But it doesn’t
work so easy.

# gpssnmp -g .
gpssnmp: ERROR: connection failed

What are the prerequisites to run this tool ?
I compiled the source code version 3.24.1~dev (revision
on Debian 11 bulsseye.

Kind regards


You need the most recent version of gpsd, try a "pull" and compile again:

sudo su
cd gpsd
sudo git pull origin master --rebase
scons --config=force && scons install
exit (out of superuser mode)

Gary recently fixed an error causing this.  My original notes are here:

I've since extended my work to return the precision variables returned from the
GPS receiver.

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