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Re: Change from 3.23 to 3.24 - program doesn't work?

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: Change from 3.23 to 3.24 - program doesn't work?
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 07:20:30 +0100
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On 26/06/2022 05:21, Gary E. Miller wrote:
I'm open to suggestions for official OIDs.  At the moment I have:

    #define OID_VISIBLE "."
Those do not use our PEN, so not valid.

for a single GPS device attached to a system.
And soee will want lat/lon/altHAE,/altMSL, etc.


Thanks, Gary.  I'm not familiar with PEN so I'm happy with your suggestions as
to how the new OIDs should be numbered.  I'd suggest keeping the same trailing
numbers (31..38) for the ones I've defined, and perhaps a preceding "1", "2"
etc. for multiple GPS devices in a system (does anyone have that?).

   #define OID_VISIBLE "."
   #define OID_USED "."
   #define OID_SNR_AVG "."
   #define OID_PDOP "."
   #define OID_HDOP "."
   #define OID_VDOP "."
   #define OID_EPH "."
   #define OID_EPV "."

This would leave 1..30 available for other GPSD uses, plus anything higher, of
course.  Yes, the basics lat/lon/.. which you list

How to progress this, and how important is it?

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