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Masterclock GMR-1000 with gpsd?

From: Preston L. Bannister
Subject: Masterclock GMR-1000 with gpsd?
Date: Thu, 26 May 2022 11:08:31 -0700

(Assuming the answer is "NO", given no hits on the mailing list, or on the web - but have to ask.)

I need to integrate the Masterclock GMR-1000 into systems meant to operate in remote locations. (Someone else chose the device, long ago.) I have it serving time (via NTP and PTP), but have yet to puzzle out GPS.

Found that gpsd seems the logical choice, but no luck in the first pass. (Hey. I can hope.)

Has anyone made an attempt with this device?

The device offers options to output NMEA to an Ethernet endpoint (address:port) - presumably via UDP. There are also options for USB and serial. No luck on any yet - at least in the first pass.

Sent a message to the company's "support" email. Will update with any response.

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