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Re: gpsd killing device adapter

From: Adam Nielsen
Subject: Re: gpsd killing device adapter
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 19:43:58 +1000

> > > You realize that "sudo" does not make you root?    
> > I'm not sure what you mean by this:
> If you read the artciles that Google offers you (not the joke ones), or
> the sudo man page, you will find the effective uid is in fact zero, but
> many other things, like having /sbin in the PATH, and not properly set.
> Leading to confustion for the benefit of worse security.

None of the results Google gives me mention that.  The wonders of
providing everyone with their own personalised list of search results I

It's a fair point that the environment is different, but really root is
UID 0, how you configure the environment is up to you and probably
depends on your distro.  Mine for example puts /sbin in the path whether
you're root or not, with or without sudo.

But I take your point, sudo may give a different result to a root login.

> > I guess if you remove "-F" it should work?  
> You couldn't just try it?  My bet would be yes it now works, after you
> reboot and restore the proper device file.

I wasn't the one with the problem, we'll have to wait for the OP to try
it and report back :)


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