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Public GPS/GNSS receivers on the Internet?

From: Mike Tubby
Subject: Public GPS/GNSS receivers on the Internet?
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 22:57:34 +0000
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I am re-developing a vehicle monitoring and location system first written over 25 years ago when it used Trimble TSIP with Trimble TANS and Trimble S-VeeSix and which has been completely re-written to run under Linux using GPSD and I would like to test it with a range of GPS/GNSS receivers to ensure that my parsing and business logic is working as expected.

Static tests are fine for the shake down that I want to do.

All my testing to date has been with a range of Trimble ACE-II, ACE-III and Lassen-iQ devices as that's what I have at hand.

Does anyone have GPS receivers connected to the Internet via GPSD and if so might I be able to connect my client to your GPSD service to perform some testing for 10-15 minutes?

I am particularly interested in testing against receivers including:


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