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Re: Problems with gpsd under BullsEye

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Problems with gpsd under BullsEye
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 14:43:10 -0800

Yo Don!

I'm having trouble separting my comments from yours, but I'll try.

On Sat, 1 Jan 2022 16:21:55 -0500
Don Rolph <> wrote:

> Are we giving you all this help and the upstream code will not get
> fixed??"
> You will have to ask the code developer.  gpsd is a minor part of the
> code functionality and there are other bugs which need resolution.  I
> have been copying him on the emails.

This seems important to you, why not to them?  But I'll leave that to you.

> You ask:
> "I'm still waiting for a deinition of "high rate of messages"?
> Most gpsd clients consider that a good thing."
> I don't have a rate but it is fast enough that we are filling the
> message queue much faster than it can be handled and we are dropping
> messages due to an over filled queue.

Better, but I'm still confused.  What "message queue"?  What is in it?
How does it get filled?  What gets put in the queue?  How does it get
emptied?  Is this between gpsd and the Dire Wolf input from gpsd?  Or is
this after Dire Wolf grabs the lat/lon/alt/time from gpsd?

It is easy to rate limit gpsd, but also easy to have gpsd flood you.
Many knobs to tweak.

>  It looks like we have dropped
> something on the order of at least 100 messages during the transient:
>  I will try to get a count form a log file.

More important that the count, is the content and the rate.  Is this 100
over a day?  Or 100 over a second?  Are these just gpsd messages?  Or
gpsd and other stuff?

> You stated:
> ":> I can of course monitor the output of the
> > MT3333, but I have already been monitoring this and it basically is
> > the messages every two seconds.  
> Which would be very weird.  Most GNSS receivers default to a fix
> every second"
> You are correct and I am in error:  it is one message every second.
> My apologies.

I'm not looking for apologies, just data.  One message per second is to
be expected.  If you get fewer messages then you have no messages at
all, and thus no idea what is happening.

Is one message a second flooding your queue?  Why is this a problem?

> You asked:
> "> Thoughts on a command line client to capture output of gpsd into
> say
> > a log?  
> To see the raw from the MT3333, with gpsd running:  gpspipe -R
> To see the JSON from gpsd:  gpspipe -w"
> Checked and that looks like it will work.  Back with the data probably
> tomorrow.


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