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Re: ublox zed-f9p - need to power cycle?

From: Andreas B
Subject: Re: ublox zed-f9p - need to power cycle?
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2021 20:52:10 +0100

Hi Gary,

It's a ublox zed-f9p.
I don't remember doing anything fancy with it; I think it's using the
default settings.
If anything, I may have disabled NMEA output.

$ ubxtool -P 27.11 -p MON-VER
  swVersion EXT CORE 1.00 (61b2dd)
  hwVersion 00190000
  extension ROM BASE 0x118B2060
  extension FWVER=HPG 1.12
  extension PROTVER=27.11
  extension MOD=ZED-F9P
  extension GPS;GLO;GAL;BDS
  extension QZSS

I'm basically always using git head.

Current version running is:

$ gpsd -V
gpsd: 3.23.2~dev (revision release-3.23.1-153-gb0c897ac3)


On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 8:14 PM Gary E. Miller <> wrote:
> Yo Andreas!
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2021 09:51:00 +0100
> Andreas B <> wrote:
> > By the end of October I noticed that the number of used satellites
> > dropped down. This trend of low number of used sats continued until
> > last week (~19. Nov), when I power cycled my raspi.
> Never seen such a thing.  What version gpsd?  What model receiver?
> What firmwmare?
> > What would be the cause of this?
> > Outdated almanac?
> Newer receivers hardly even use the Almanac.  With a large number of receive
> channels they can directly search for sat in view and download the
> Ephemeris.  That is a lot quicker to start.
> > Is it wise to do a power cycle every now and then, or is it necessary?
> I've only see it needed when the user has put the receiver in an odd
> configuration.  But if the receiver has persistent memoery that may
> not be sufficient to recover.
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