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Re: gpsd losing connection to ublox

From: Niall Parker
Subject: Re: gpsd losing connection to ublox
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:27:21 -0800
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On 2021-11-12 12:05 p.m., Gary E. Miller wrote:
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Odd.  It was working fine, then your GPS just stoppind sending
data for 5 secconds:

gpsd:PROG: UBX-NAV-VELECEF: iTOW=495388000 ECEF vx=0.00 vy=0.00 vz=0.01 
gpsd:PROG: TIMEGPS: time= 1636738570.000014077 mask={TIME}
gpsd:PROG: NAV-EOE: iTOW=495388000
gpsd:PROG: UBX: cycle end x0161 iTOW 495388000
gpsd:PROG: gpsd_multipoll(5) DEVICE_UNCHANGED for 5
gpsd:INFO: SER: fd 5 current speed 230400, 8N1

Any idea why your device stopped sending for 5 seconds?
No, it doesn't seem to lose the device when I force the speed and just watching it spew in NMEA mode doesn't show gaps (that I could see).

Have you verified that your device is using 3.3V logic signals?

Yes, it is a Ublox RCB-F9T module connected to Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX via CTI Quark carrier board. 3v3 power to module for logic and 5v for antenna.

I've attached a couple more logs, tmp2 is without speed fixed while tmp3 has speed fixed to 115200, let me know if you see anything else. For my application fixing the speed in the config works fine though it would be nice to understand why the auto baud has problems to keep gpsd more user friendly.

            ... Niall

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