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Garmin GLO2 with GPSD

From: Fred Hillhouse
Subject: Garmin GLO2 with GPSD
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 18:06:09 -0400



I am new to this list and am using a Garmin GLO 2 for a project. It was sitting around doing nothing.


The GPS can allow 4 users to connect via Bluetooth. Although it has an USB port, there is no evidence it can be used for GPS data. On a PC, each of these connections present as COMports.


I am attempting use with a Raspberry Pi Zero W but I suspect it would be similar to all RPi with WiFi/Bluetooth.


Here is the problem.


On the RPiZero, I have it running enough such that cgps –s will give me position and other data. The Status never changes. It stays as 0 secs. The application I am running, Direwolf, never gets valid data. My Windows PC does get valid data.



x    Time:       2021-09-29T21:33:04.900Z   xxPRN:   Elev:  Azim:  SNR:  Used: x

x    Latitude:    42.99814381 N             xx  10    56    168    28      Y   x

x    Longitude:   71.50670468 W             xx  12    36    070    25      Y   x

x    Altitude:   293.963 ft                 xx  23    23    153    23      Y   x

x    Speed:      0.13 mph                   xx  31    39    233    27      Y   x

x    Heading:    68.5 deg (true)            xx  32    73    341    32      Y   x

x    Climb:      n/a                        xx  72    15    031    24      Y   x

x    Status:     3D FIX (0 secs)            xx  79    48    328    28      Y   x

x    Longitude Err:   +/- 47 ft             xx  80    49    188    22      Y   x

x    Latitude Err:    +/- 30 ft             xx 121    04    102    00      N   x

x    Altitude Err:    +/- 143 ft            xx                                 x

x    Course Err:      n/a                   xx                                 x

x    Speed Err:       +/- 647 mph           xx                                 x

x    Time offset:     0.115                 xx                                 x

x    Grid Square:     FN42fx                xx                                 x



On Windows PC running ublox u-center:

22:03:08  $GPRMC,220307.8,A,4259.888377,N,07130.403755,W,000.05,218.1,290921,014.9,W,A*3F

22:03:08  $GPGGA,220307.8,4259.888377,N,07130.403755,W,1,05,1.5,82.6,M,-32.3,M,,*54

22:03:08  $GPVTG,218.1,T,233.0,M,000.05,N,0000.09,K,A*17

22:03:08  $GPRMC,220307.9,A,4259.888377,N,07130.403755,W,000.03,218.1,290921,014.9,W,A*38

22:03:08  $GPGGA,220307.9,4259.888377,N,07130.403755,W,1,05,1.5,82.6,M,-32.3,M,,*55

22:03:08  $GPVTG,218.1,T,233.0,M,000.03,N,0000.06,K,A*1E


I followed a video and this are the steps I followed (comments are mine).



# tells if bluetooth service is running

systemctl status bluetooth


# another way to see daemon running

ps ax |grep "blue"


# find bluetooth devices

hcitool scan

# result for Garmin GLO 2

#Scanning ...


        10:C6:FC:E3:9E:B4       Garmin GLO 2 #39eb4


# open bluetooth control



# why?

agent NoInputNoOutput


# why?



# pair with Garmin GLO 2

pair 10:C6:FC:E3:9E:B4


# show paired devices



# leave control



sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm1 10:C6:FC:E3:9E:B4



# now this works

pi@RPiZ-DWLiFe:~ $ cgps –s


My gpsd file:


pi@RPiZ-DWLiFe:~ $ cat /etc/default/gpsd

# Default settings for the gpsd init script and the hotplug wrapper.


# Start the gpsd daemon automatically at boot time



# Use USB hotplugging to add new USB devices automatically to the daemon



# Devices gpsd should collect to at boot time.

# They need to be read/writeable, either by user gpsd or the group dialout.



# Other options you want to pass to gpsd



I am not sure which direction to hunt for answers. If I was using a serial GPS, I would be doing something with /dev/tty#. I suspect I may need to do something similar for this GPS. I imagine I might have to handle each of the four BT access points as well in case one is already in use. Currently, I have cgps (SSH terminal on RPi) accessing one point, and my windows PC accessing another using the u-blox u-center application.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Best regards,



PS. I hope you don’t mind the book!



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