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Type 5 "to_bow"

From: Charles Douglass
Subject: Type 5 "to_bow"
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 06:43:36 -0700
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I'm curious why none of the class A transceivers seem to send "to_bow"/"to_stern" info in their type 5 messages.  I'm in the Pacific Northwest so I see international freighter traffic as well as state passenger ferries and other commercial vessels that are class A.

Am I possibly configuring something wrong?

Here's a sample JSON message:

  "class": "AIS",
  "device": "/dev/ttyACM0",
  "type": 5,
  "repeat": 0,
  "mmsi": 636019791,
  "scaled": false,
  "imo": 9890630,
  "ais_version": 2,
  "callsign": "D5WE4",
  "shipname": "CL FUZHOU HE",
  "shiptype": 70,
  "shiptype_text": "Cargo - all ships of this type",
  "to_bow": 0,
  "to_stern": 0,
  "to_port": 0,
  "to_starboard": 0,
  "epfd": 1,
  "epfd_text": "GPS",
  "eta": "08-23T12:00Z",
  "draught": 91,
  "destination": "VANCOUVER,BC",
  "dte": 0

The type 24 messages for class B correctly include "to_bow" and "to_stern".

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