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Re: Testing 3.23: Status so far....

From: Bernd Zeimetz
Subject: Re: Testing 3.23: Status so far....
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2021 19:21:45 +0200
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On Sat, 2021-07-31 at 17:14 -0600, Charles Curley wrote:
> As mentioned previously, something Gary said lead me to realize
> that /etc/default/gpsd is in the repo.

Doesn't matter at the end, you can create it manually just fine.

> However, it was not getting
> installed via "scons udev-install". Providing my own helped. However,
> copying packaging/deb/ and substituting /run for
> @RUNDIR@ seems to have worked.

Please note that GPSD_OPTIONS and DEVICES should just be empty if you want
the systemd/hotplug service to work as expected.

> I also tried the version in the Bullseye repository, and that ran gpsd,
> but it never connected to the gps receiver when I plugged it in.

And now you are expecting that I magically know what the issue is?
If you want that to work, first start would be to see if udev handles your
device. And if so

> However, because of the October Surprise, that version is moot.

That doesn't make a difference here, service handling won't change between
3.22 and 3.23

> @Bernd, any chance you would be willing to build 3.23-rc1 bullseye and
> buster debian packages, so I can test actual packages?

Just use 3.22, its not october yet. And the the startup part will just work
like 3.23. As long as your gps module does not need 3.23, you can debug your
issues just fine.

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