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Re: scons check breaks with latest version of gpsd

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: scons check breaks with latest version of gpsd
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:58:48 -0700

Yo Michael!

On Mon, 12 Jul 2021 17:31:44 +0200
Michael Byczkowski <> wrote:

> > When running the scons check on the last few GitLab version of gpsd,
> > it breaks with the error msg. Testing the geoid and variation
> > models... /home/pi/gpsd/gpsd-3.22.1~dev/tests/test_geoid
> >     /home/pi/gpsd/gpsd-3.22.1~dev/tests/test_json
> >     JSON unit tests
> >     case 4 FAILED
> >     'dftbyte' t_byte eval failed, value = 252 s/b -4.
> >     scons: *** [gpsd-3.22.1~dev/json-regress] Error 1
> >     scons: building terminated because of errors.  
> Works for me on Gentoo stable and unstable, on amd64, arm32 and arm64.
> And on all the GitLab CI pipelines.

I spoke too soon.  I blame Monday.  I was able to duplicate on arm32
with gcc 10.3.0.  Seems that combu uses "char" is unsigned.

I recently added a test that put -4 in a "char", which is not always a
legal value. gpsd can only use the range 0 to 127 for chars due to the
sign/unsigned uncertainty.

Thanks for the bug report.  Fix pushed.  Please test.

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