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Re: GPS/PPM very large offset

From: Håkan T Johansson
Subject: Re: GPS/PPM very large offset
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020 15:08:47 +0100
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Hi B&A,

perhaps I missed - which version of the Uputronics module are you using?

One of the new ones as available here:

or one of these older:

Best regards,

On Sun, 8 Nov 2020, B&A Consultants wrote:

Hi Mike,

On 07/11/2020 00:03, Mike Simpson wrote:
Hi B&A and Gary.

It’s glonass
They run such a big offset that they are unusable for time.

ubxtool -d GLONASS

Spot on ! Since we cannot shoot the Glonnasses from the skies, deactivating them on the GPS did the job. Thanks for the tip.

We did a few tests, with cgps running. When we reactivate using Glonass, the time offset climbs to around 5-6 seconds. And gets back to 0.5 secs when we deactivate Glonass.

Need to do this every time after Pi reboot or presumably cold restart of the GPS.

Yep, included in our boot scripts.
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