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Re[2]: tcp device open error

From: Василий Пономаренко
Subject: Re[2]: tcp device open error
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 09:41:33 +0300

Четверг, 24 сентября 2020, 21:20 +03:00 от Gary E. Miller <>:
Yo Василий!

What version gpsd? From source of a package?
version gpsd is 3.16-4+b1 from repo package
Linux 4.15.3-1-generic x86_64
On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 10:59:49 +0300
Василий Пономаренко <> wrote:

> if config is:
> /etc/default/gpsd

That file is not part of gpsd. I can't comment on it. You need to ask
your distro what that is about.
then this is the configuration file of the distribution itself
> Then erros is:
> systemctl status gpsd

You need to ask someone that knows systemd(umber) about how gpsd interacts
with systemd. There are many problems with systemd(umbest).

>            └─614 /usr/sbin/gpsd -N -n -G tcp://

Does it work if you type that manually on the command line?

Systemd(ross) does nasty things to sandbox gpsd. Out of our control.
Ok, I ask the question to the publisher of the distro (debian)
> * Is there a way to make a forced reconnection to the tcp source (it
> is unstable and the network is half-dead)?

Do you plan to implement a forced TCP URI connection via timeout-config ?

> * I need to call the gpkg reconfigure gpsd command every time I
> manually edit the /etc/default/gpsd file ?

Lost me. What is "gpkg"?
gpkg — package manager for debian. I thought it was needed to configure gpsd. Apparently not needed
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Василий Пономаренко

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