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Permission Error When Opening gpsd For XTRX Device

From: Bradley McFadden
Subject: Permission Error When Opening gpsd For XTRX Device
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 11:54:28 -0400

Hello all,

I'm trying to set up gpsd to read data from the onboard gps that the XTRX radio provides.
In the devices list, it is listed as /dev/ttyXTRX0.
I can read data from this device using:
stty -F /dev/ttyXTRX0 speed 9600 && cat /dev/ttyXTRX0.

The error I'm getting is this:
sail@gr110:~/Desktop$ sudo gpsd -n -N -D5 -S 3900 /dev/ttyXTRX0
gpsd:INFO: launching (Version 3.20)
gpsd:IO: opening IPv4 socket
gpsd:IO: opening IPv6 socket
gpsd:INFO: listening on port 3900
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(20,0,0) succeeded, segment 0
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(21,0,0) succeeded, segment 1
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(22,0,0) succeeded, segment 2
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(23,0,0) succeeded, segment 3
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(24,0,0) succeeded, segment 4
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(25,0,0) succeeded, segment 5
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(26,0,0) succeeded, segment 6
gpsd:PROG: NTP: shmat(27,0,0) succeeded, segment 7
gpsd:PROG: successfully connected to the DBUS system bus
gpsd:PROG: shmget(0x47505344, 24024, 0666) for SHM export succeeded
gpsd:PROG: shmat() for SHM export succeeded, segment 28
gpsd:INFO: stashing device /dev/ttyXTRX0 at slot 0
gpsd:PROG: no /etc/gpsd/device-hook present, skipped running ACTIVATE hook
gpsd:INFO: SER: opening GPS data source type 2 at '/dev/ttyXTRX0'
gpsd:ERROR: SER: device open of /dev/ttyXTRX0 failed: Permission denied - retrying read-only
gpsd:ERROR: SER: read-only device open of /dev/ttyXTRX0 failed: Permission denied
gpsd:ERROR: initial GPS device /dev/ttyXTRX0 open failed
gpsd:ERROR: can't run with neither control socket nor devices open

This error doesn't make sense to me as I've checked that the user and gpsd are both in the dialout group.
If I can read the data from the device, why can't gpsd open it?

Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this or anything pointing me in the right direction.


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