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RINEX file unable to be processed

From: David J Taylor
Subject: RINEX file unable to be processed
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 17:00:48 +0100

Using the instructions "gpsrinex -i 30 -n 480 -f today.obs" from:

I got a rejection from Natural Resources Canada with the report:

     raspi-22-2020-07-09.obs Error : CSRS-PPP online was unable to process
your submitted RINEX file. Most likely causes are bad data, bad satellite
identification, or time tag problems.

I don't know why.  I submitted the .obs file (not a Zip) and took the
default options.  Unsure where to go from here!  The file shows as a text
file with UNIX end-of-line.  A 45-line header is followed with multiple
blocks like:

2020 07 09 09 13 00.9959999  0  5
G16  20495060.758 3                      2213.994
G18  19805657.553 6 104079435.366        1070.686
G21  21665574.143 4 113853370.9912       2661.300
G26  19027501.128 6  99990151.439        -134.534
G31  21765837.301 5 114380257.777       -3708.429

Anything specific in the header I should look for?
Is there another service which is recommended?

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