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SiRF module and bluetooth

From: Dave Riesz
Subject: SiRF module and bluetooth
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 22:26:25 -0700

Hi, all.  I'm working with a sack of GlobalStar EM-410 GPS modules I found on eBay some time ago.  They're based on the SiRF Star III.  I've got a couple hooked up to the UART pins in some Raspberry Pis and talking to gpsd.  Works gangbusters.  No problems.

I recently got the bright idea to hook them to some HC-06 bluetooth serial modules.  The results are not quite so great.  After lots of futzing, testing, and verifying that the individual parts all work correctly, but I can't get usable data over the link.

I think I know why:  The SiRF chipset starts up in 4800 baud mode and the HC-06 module is factory-configured for 9600 baud.  Gpsd wants to switch the receiver to 9600 but can't do so over the HC-06 link.  I could reconfigure the bluetooth module to speak 4800, but that will cause the GPS to drop a bunch of data.

Has anyone successfully put together something like this?  Is it possible to flash a configuration to the GPS module to force it into a different startup comm speed?  Any other advice?

Dave Riesz

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