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Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 11:34:30 -0700

Yo Florian!

On Wed, 17 Jun 2020 08:56:14 +0200
Florian Kiera <> wrote:

> > Does not matter.  scons uses the python that it started with.
> > Python slotting works pretty well on all distros.  And your scons
> > worked seemingly perfectly for you.  You turned off all use of
> > Python except for scons.  
> Well using the common python2 didnt made me any trouble at all, so it 
> must be python3 (adding python3 broke it all).

You can't just flip from python2 to 3 and back without other
mumbo-jumbo.  Gentoo started to kill off python2 recently.  They are
finding a ton of stuff that is not python3 ready, in core stuff that has
not been patched in nearly a decade.  Big mess.

> I dont know for sure
> what libtools purpose is, haven't saw it while compiling before.

I know what it does, muck with libraries, but gpsd does not use it.
It used to be popular.

> > Fixed port speed is gone:
> Is fixed port speed necessary?

Nope, that is why it is not on by default.  And gone now, repalced
by a runtime option "--speed XXX".

> What I basically wanna do is: run a
> M8P chip on 2 different boards, while one can be the base, the other
> one the rover and use PPS.

Pretty common useage.

> BR2 vars are set through make menuconfig and safed somewhere in 
> files in buildroot, can paste that one here as well (there
> you will see several options are checked). Should've pasted that
> along with the .mk file here...

Not part of gpsd, so not on topic here.  Yet another unneeded
software layer to break.

> I am wondering now if it is just the way I "updated" python2 to 
> python3... May shouldve done that before compiling everything...

So roll it back, and change incrementally.

> gpsd-settings.png the make menuconfig settings of what should be
> build with gpsd.

Don't care, not part of gpsd.

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