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Re: gpsd + chrony + pps

From: Stéphane Péneau
Subject: Re: gpsd + chrony + pps
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2020 09:31:22 +0200
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Hi !

Le 12/06/2020 à 14:54, Dan Williams a écrit :

For reference:
1. What OS brand & version are you using? 
armbian (debian buster based)
2. Are you running this on a RPi, or a x86 computer?

Orange pi zero (arm). PPS is on gpio.

I just set this up last week with a serial/pps line + intel computer + gpsd- (3.20 / master) + chrony (2.11).   So, it definitely _CAN_ be done, but the setup can be finicky.

It's a very different setup, your timepulse is on the tty

I found the chrony.pps0.sock trick here:

(beaglebone and timepulse on gpio)


Daniel Williams  |  Software Engineer

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 6:03 AM Stéphane Péneau <> wrote:

I've made many tests to use the timepulse output on my U-blox ZED-F9P
with gpsd and chrony to get an accurate time.

I've never had a working solution if I try to use a socket like

But if I replace 'ttyXX' with my 'pps', it works.

refclock SOCK /var/run/chrony.pps0.sock refid PPS2 lock GNSS <== OK

refclock SOCK /var/run/chrony.ttyACM0.sock refid PPS2 lock GNSS <== NOK

Is there a mistake in the documentation ?


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