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Re: Build Errors with Timeservice + Ubuntu 16.04

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Build Errors with Timeservice + Ubuntu 16.04
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 17:44:59 -0700

Yo Frank!

On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 17:58:23 -0400
Frank Nicholas <> wrote:

> PDFs are attached.

Thank you.  Not as bad as I expected, but not good.

The NMEA pdf is from 2010!  So old and oblivious to 10 years of
NMEA progress.  It poorly documents their version of NMEA, nut even
mentioning which NMEA version it is based on.  It fails to document the
things that defferent receivers do differently, like PRNs for non-GPS

The IMU $PTCF message may be worth implementing.

The binary protocol has very poor framing and depends on character
timing!  Even worse than TSIP.  It can not co-exist with any other
binary protocol.

The control protocols are not in either document.

>  The problem with the login/account creation is
> cookie related.  They want way too much permissions that modern
> browsers don’t allow by defaut.

There web software as bad as the GNSS software....

> I use Captcha’s on a couple of sites I manage, and I certainly don’t
> make any money from them.

You ever wonder why all CAPTCHAs are of street scenes?  Asking about
picture elements a self driving car would want to identify?  These
are AI training data!  Paid for by the people working on self-driving
car AI. They have little to do with security.

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