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Re: Build Errors with Timeservice + Ubuntu 16.04

From: Dan Williams
Subject: Re: Build Errors with Timeservice + Ubuntu 16.04
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 19:34:07 -0400

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the quick response! :)

> ( are there perhaps any automated tests run on
> an Ubuntu machine, that I could compare against?)

Run the regression tests: scons check

> I'm unable to build gpsd with timeservice enabled
> ("timeservice=yes").  The build step  `scons check` breaks, and I'd
> love to know what dependencies to add / rm / fix.

We can't help without seeing the full output of your build log.

> * I also need to include the '--config=force' flag, or else I
> encounter an link error for pthreads.   I hope this is unrelated.

What is your ENTIRE build procedure?  With logs please.
As you wish!   I've attached a build log from a clean repo.   It starts with 'git clone', and ends with the output of 'scons check'

(see attachment: "gpsd-build.txt")
> 2. gpsd doesn't update the shm segments (according to either 'ipcs
> -mt' or 'ntpshmmon')

If you can't build it, you certainly can't run it!  First things first.

Haha, yea, fair enough.   Anyway, I'm just including it for context-- to let you know what else I've tried.
> 3. 'cgps' and 'gpspipe' work as expected, while 'gpsmon' throws
> permission errors,

Very odd.

> 1. Start with any Ubuntu OS
> 2. Download gpsd from source / git
> 3. checkout latest stable release (assumed to be 3.20)
> 4. build with 'timeservice=yes`*

timeservice=yes is for Raspberry Pi HATs.  Are you running on a Raspberry Pi?

Ahhh!  That would have been nice to know.  The documentation doesn't mention that!   ( I'm referring first to:, and the SConstruct definition, itself: )

In that case, what's the "default" flags to enable PPS + shm + time reporting?
( It definitely wasn't available in the apt-get version, nor in the vanilla builds, without 'timeservice' )

The computer we're using is a relatively standard x86_64 embedded / industrial computer:

Our Ubuntu installation is an otherwise normal setup.

FWIW, other environment things that may or may not matter:
kernel: low-latency
SCons Version:
script: v2.4.1.rel_2.4.1:3453:73fefd3ea0b0, 2015/11/09 03:25:05, by bdbaddog on ubuntu1404-32bit
engine: v2.4.1.rel_2.4.1:3453:73fefd3ea0b0, 2015/11/09 03:25:05, by bdbaddog on ubuntu1404-32bit
engine path: ['/usr/lib/scons/SCons']
Copyright (c) 2001 - 2015 The SCons Foundation


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