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Fwd: Precise point positioning

From: Jeroen Balduyck
Subject: Fwd: Precise point positioning
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 21:37:08 +0200

>Yo Jeroen!

>I added a new section, Background, based on our discussion.  Please
>read and comment.

I am more than happy to provide FB. Things are absolutely clearer but the rabbit hole goes on.
> Using this new ephemeris data, when it becomes available, combined with the receiver’s raw data, better fixes can be computed. This is the basis of PPP.
I think I understand basic PPP it's better clock- and orbit data combined with the raw measurements and this is fed to the PPP algorithm. But what is this RAW data? Are these carrier phase measurements or pseudo range (or both)? Does the post processing solve the ' the carrier phase integer ambiguity problem' in order to reach cm accuracy (known as PPP-AR)? What has improved in the u-blox ZED-F9P and ZED-F9T chips making this new level of accuracy possible. I still find it strange there is not talk of PPP in their spec's though. It seems to go much further than post processing.

I stumbled accross this read: showing that there is something quasi real time too as long as you can get PPP to converge. But that might take the background info a bit too far. But a word on real time PPP would be cool.

I hope my receiver arrives soon but covid-19 is delaying my endeavour.

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