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Program fails to compile after 3.20 upgrade

From: David J Taylor
Subject: Program fails to compile after 3.20 upgrade
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 10:37:46 +0100

My GPS monitoring program here:

fails to compile after upgrading to 3.20 (it used to work). My C isn't good enough to know how to specify the extra arguments which are required. Compiler output:

pi@RasPi-22:~ $ gcc gpsGetSatellites.c -o gpsGetSatellites -lgps
gpsGetSatellites.c: In function �main�:
gpsGetSatellites.c:26:14: error: too few arguments to function �gps_read�
    status = gps_read (&gpsdata);
In file included from gpsGetSatellites.c:12:
/usr/include/gps.h:2307:12: note: declared here
extern int gps_read(struct gps_data_t *, char *message, int message_len);

(I'm competent in other languages, though!)

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