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Re: Initialising a u-blox device.

From: Paul Theodoropoulos
Subject: Re: Initialising a u-blox device.
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 00:24:43 -0700
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This is a good resource with specifics on dealing with the Debian repo's with Raspbian, not that it's really all that complicated -

On 5/22/2020 0:20 AM, David J Taylor wrote:
gpsd 3.20 is available in buster backports, would that be an option for you?

Paul Theodoropoulos


Many thanks, that's most helpful.  I can certainly try that on a test RPi which has no GPS at the moment.

I would also like to get the gpsctl working to add Galileo to an existing u-blox MAX-M8Q-0-10 on power up.



Paul Theodoropoulos

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