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Re: Q about "Stratum-1-Microserver HOWTO"

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Q about "Stratum-1-Microserver HOWTO"
Date: Sat, 16 May 2020 18:55:42 -0700

Yo address@hidden!

On Sat, 16 May 2020 18:39:35 -0700
<address@hidden> wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. Since my email, the RPi4 and Uputronix arrived
> and I successfully got 'ntpsec' running,
> per the "How-To". Congratulations to all on a successful guide!

Glad you liked it.  Suggestions welcome.

> Do you know if there been any consideration of using a tmpfs for
> volatile data like /var, to reduce the wear on the SD card?

I buy micro-SD cards in bulk, but I have never tried a tmpfs.  Any
thing I write to disk I want after a power failure, so I don't do that.

The big write load is the logging.  Some put that on remote hosts
instead of the local host.

> I think you mean, "no, gpsd won't get confused" if I bang in some
> commands with "echo $UBLOX_CMD_STRING > /dev/sttyAMA0". Correct?

Correct.  Except you can not do that when gpsd is running.  Starting
gpsd might change what you just wrote.

You will drive yourself crazy that way. ubxtool is the way to do that.
Otherwsie you are picking bits which is error prone, with no feedback.

> OK, I found 'ubxtool' just this morning. I get bad results when I try
> MON-VER :( .

>       {"class":"ERROR","message":"Device configuration support not
> compiled."}
>       {"class":"ERROR","message":"Unrecognized request
> '={"hexdata":"b5620a0400000e34"'"}

You compiled with the clockmaker script.  It tries to idiot
proof the installation, which means reconfiguration is turned off.
But you want to reconfigure.  So don't use clockmaker.

>       wis@RPI4-0:~ $ ./pinup
>       RPI4-0: Raspberry PI Pi 4 Model B 2GB, configured for the
> Uputronics.

And configured not to be configuraable.

> From the "HAB-GPSPI+-ASSY" data sheet:

Then you probably have that part.  But you can't configure it, or even
talk to it with gpsd.  Only listen.  Rebuild gpsd normally and you will
be OK.

> Isn't Buster the latest version of Raspbian?

There are a bunch of Busters.  Raspbian is based on one of them, then
extends it a bit.  Thus the confusion.  Best to say Raspbian Buster, or
Latest Raspbian.

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