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Re: GPSD For Real Time Application

From: Kashyap Gada
Subject: Re: GPSD For Real Time Application
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2019 23:23:32 +0530

Bernd & Kai,

Wouldn't the following Module doing those calculations for us? Why do we need to do them manually? or one I am using currently)
If we are using above products do we still need to process the positioning information we have?

I'll go through Kalman filter as per your suggestion. Don't have any model of tracks.

Any specific books/web pages that provide these intricate details?


On Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 10:28 PM Bernd Zeimetz <address@hidden> wrote:

On 12/29/19 5:37 PM, Kai Harrekilde-Petersen wrote:
> I would more look into adding a 2D (or 3D) accelerometer than a gyro,
> since the train is (very) unlikely to do significant yaw/pitch/roll
> movements (unlike small planes, helicopters and motorcycles).

Yes, that is what I had in my mind, but since you get gyro +
accellerometer in one chip these days, I somehow started to call them
gyro only ;)

Gyro might still be interesting, though, if you want to measure steep
climbs or call the rescue if the locomotive is rotating in unexpected

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