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[gpsd-users] using NTRIP/RTCM23 with gpsd

From: Mark Jablonsky
Subject: [gpsd-users] using NTRIP/RTCM23 with gpsd
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 14:50:58 +0000

We've recently subscribed to a NTRIP service and have set it up with gpsd by 
adding the NTRIP source to the gpsd device list. Our module that we are working 
with has support for RTCM23, so we have connected to the RTCM23 mount point for 
our NTRIP service.  We can see in cgps that we are receiving RTCM23 data 
packets, but it doesn't seem like it has done anything to improve accuracy.  

So I am unsure whether or not we have to do anything externally to get the 
advertised improved accuracy of ntrip, or should gpsd already be handling that 
on its own.

Thanks for the support,

Mark Jablonsky

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