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[gpsd-users] Can I use gpsd to read from digital yacht AISNet on a Pi?

From: Iain Duncan
Subject: [gpsd-users] Can I use gpsd to read from digital yacht AISNet on a Pi?
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 13:14:29 -0700

Hi folks, from what I've read, I *think* gpsd is exactly what I need, but as I'm completely new to AIS, I'd just like to confirm if what I want to do is possible and that I'm in the right place.

We have a digital yacht AISNet base station, (not the "plus"), it's here:

We want to receive/parse/store AIS data from it, on a raspberry Pi that will be doing scientific data collection on the Salish Sea here in BC. It has a USB out to the computer, but doesn't have linux drivers.

I think I understand that:
- I can install gpsd on raspbian and run it has a daemon
- gpsd will sniff packets from the AISNet and figure out the settings for us without drivers
- my python app can monitor data from gpsd, thus bypassing having to parse NMEA at all (woot!)

Is this right? Will I be able to use this with a pi and the AISNet?

thanks so much!

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