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[gpsd-users] Raspberry Pi C11 compile issue

From: Neil Green
Subject: [gpsd-users] Raspberry Pi C11 compile issue
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 13:36:46 +0000

Following the NTPsec Stratum-1-Microserver HOWTO 
( on a 
Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Jessie and a custom 4.9.13 kernel (for KPPS), I 
can compile and install a git cloned GPSD just fine.

Then, if I add "export CFLAGS=-std=gnu11” to my .bashrc and run "scons 
timeservice=yes magic_hat=yes nmea0183=yes fixed_port_speed=9600 
fixed_stop_bits=1” I see in the output:

Checking if compiler is C11... yes
Checking if compiler supplies __STDC_NO_ATOMICS__... no
Checking for C header file stdatomic.h… yes

Which is good, but when I then run “sudo scons install” I see:

Checking if compiler is C11... no
Checking for C header file libkern/OSAtomic.h… no

And then GPSD is recompiled before installation.

What I have to do to make this work as expected is, with "export 
CFLAGS=-std=gnu11” in .bashrc:

scons timeservice=yes magic_hat=yes nmea0183=yes fixed_port_speed=9600 

sudo CFLAGS=-std=gnu11 scons install

Is this a) me doing something wrong; b) a scons bug; c) a gpsd bug; or d) a 
Raspbian bug?

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