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[gpsd-users] No TPV messages after loss of fix

From: john smith
Subject: [gpsd-users] No TPV messages after loss of fix
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 12:46:34 -0500


I am currently experiencing unexpected behavior in gpsd using an Ada Fruit Ultimate GPS Breakout over USB. 



- Cold boot the GPS indoors with no sky view

- Connect a netcat client to gpsd

- execute ?WATCH={"enable": true, "json": true}



- Receive TPV JSON messages with a mode of 1 (no fix).



- Walk outside and allow GPS to acquire fix

- Return indoors with no sky view



- While GPS has fix, receive TPV JSON messages with mode 3 and TPV data populated

- When GPS fix is lost, stop receiving all TPV JSON messages


Expected Result:

- Once GPS fix is lost, I expect to start receiving TPV JSON messages again with mode of 1


My program needs to determine when the GPS has a lost a fix.  I planned on using the TPV messages and the mode to determine this.  Am I going about this the correct way?  I appreciate the help.





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